Things always deviate from the pre-set track, just like a bad drama child. When your heart is warm to the sun to welcome a better life, he will bury mines in the road ahead of you and accidentally blow up all your beautiful imagination.

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On June 3, 29, Li Jihe publicly accused Guan Yang of playing with her feelings in front of the media.
On this day, Yin Ningluo, a suburban villa in B city, watched a sofa in the luxury living room online at the same time. Yin Ningluo and Jun Ling were in front of the camera. The audience were listening to Li Jihe crying that he was a mother-helper, such as condemning the unattainable distance of the rich and powerful civilians. On the screen, Li Jihe buckled his chest and cried, and Yin Ningluo got up and left the living room indifferently.
Ding Yijun Ling picked up the remote control and directly turned off the Li Ji lotus. He also got up and went to the kitchen to pour a cup of warm water for Yin Ning to show it to her.
Outside the hospital, Yin Ning collaterals a suit of plain clothes’s hands, chest, long hair perpendicular to the back of the head, and a pair of eyes looking at the distant sky. The weather is as strange as people’s mood, but it is also gray and melancholy. Yin Ning collaterals her lips slightly and tries to spit out her chest. She is not in a good mood.
When Jun Ling came out, he saw Yin Ningluo alone outside the courtyard through the glass window. He could feel her loneliness. Jun Ling stopped at a distance from Yin Ningluo and silently watched her.
Handsome facial features, deep black eyes, cold lips and corners are surrounded by a depressing coldness for a long time before Jun Lingcai steps towards Yin Ningluo.
Suddenly, there was a glass of water in front of her, and Yin Ningluo lowered her eyes along the direction of the water to find Jun Ling’s gentle eyebrows, eyes and thin lips. The light radian seemed to be worn out on a gloomy day, and a ray of warm sun was facing Jun Lingyin, who wanted to raise her lip angle, but she found it difficult to do so.
The method doesn’t respond to Jun Ling, so Yin Ningluo stretched out his hand and took the glass of water he handed me. The fingertips touched the water, which was warm water. Yin Ningluo held the glass in the palm of his hand and folded it again. The palm of his hand was already warm.
The original is still in the distance for a few days. She turned around for a moment and put her face-to-face four eyes relative to Yin Ningluo’s expression on Jun Ling’s fundus. The change is that the man’s mood remains the same, and his lip angle is still gentle and radian.
At this time, Yin Ning spoke. She said, "It’s really uncomfortable to be told to die alone."
Wen Wan’s daughter should enjoy the beauty given by the world and should be a worried person, but now she doesn’t let him worry. It’s so hard to laugh at the corners of her mouth. Seeing this, she doesn’t feel bad, so she feels that when she is about to cry, Jun Ling puts out her arm and presses her head on her chest.
Jun Ling’s eyes look up at the distant sky.
Cry, and you will be wronged like this.
In junling’s arms, yin coagulated her eyes and closed them, so the tears fell into the cup before her chest.
Yin Ningluo grabbed Jun Ling’s clothes and couldn’t help crying, "How could he do that to me desperately to remind me that I am Zhang Yuxi, but he had sex with another woman less than a month after Zhang Yuxi’s death. He was unfaithful to love and I didn’t want him."
Once upon a time, Yin Ningluo actually cried because of Guan Yang. The man once loved her and now hurts him as much as he did.
Just don’t, don’t. Now it’s a burden for Guan Yang to finish talking to Yin Ning.
"Ning Ling, we don’t want it. Don’t cry." Jun Ling took Yin Ning’s warm face and wiped her tears. When he looked at her, his eyes were light and gentle, as if he always wanted to give her all the good things. Jun Ling coaxed Yin Ning’s network like a child. "Guan Yang is very bad. He bullied us. Now let’s ignore him. Let him put aside and reflect."
Feel the warmth of a man. Yin Ning collaterals finally smiled. Yin Ning collaterals stretched out his hand and hugged Jun Ling’s waist and side face and stuck it on his chest. "Promise me to protect me from being bullied."
Jun Ling said, "OK, I promise you that no one will dare to bully you."
Looking at the edge of the sky, Jun Ling’s eyes have deepened. If anyone dares to bully you, I will definitely ask you for justice.
Jun Ling will always be the warmest and best for herself. Yin Ningluo thinks that maybe this is why she is destined to meet a single-minded person, and it is good to have him in this life.
Although the sky is slightly dim, the women in my arms are laughing and hugging each other. When the dark clouds clear, Qian Fan will do her best to know each other in this life.
Xishan villa
After watching the news, Zhang Xiaotian said, "I’m going to my room."
"I’ll go with you" Lin seems to be followed by.
When he left, Lin just patted Zhang Yuchen on the shoulder and then went upstairs with Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Xiaotian stepped to the table and sat in the forest, just like coming in the door. She walked to her husband’s side and held Zhang Xiaotian in her arms, letting him lean in her arms.
His wife’s arms calmed Zhang Xiaotian’s mind. He asked her, "Just like when you said this, were we too harsh on the rain and the sunrise? Jun Ling said yes. Since our daughter came back, none of us have asked her how she has been doing in the past three years. Instead, she was eager to force her to restore her memory, so that she would be unfamiliar with us and unwilling to come near us. We are not good parents and we owe our daughter."
Lin seems to be blushing unconsciously when he hears Zhang Xiaotian’s words. Yes, they owe their daughters. "Today, we all ignore the fact that Yang Er was married three years ago. Whether he admits Li Jihe or not, he has a wife and a man, and our daughter has got involved in their third party anyway. What about this?
What about the third party? It’s not fair to our daughter. "
The couple comforted each other. At this time, the door suddenly hit Guan Ya from the outside and rushed to explain to Zhang Xiaotian, "Mom and Dad, don’t misunderstand that it’s all Li Jihe’s nonsense. I can guarantee that my brother is absolutely sincere about Yu Xi. He has never done anything wrong to her."
"Is it still meaningful to say these things now?" Lin just interjected that Lin just withdrew her hand and came around the table to look at her daughter-in-law. "Xiaoya and I have always regarded you as our own daughter since you married into this house. Sometimes we love you more than the rain, the sunrise and the rain, but if you think about what you said last night, is that a sister-in-law who should talk? Not to mention that the rain and the sunrise are your sister-in-law or your former classmates and friends, you shouldn’t be in front of so many people. Embarrassing her, she finally came back to this home, and what you did yesterday was to make her afraid that after what happened yesterday, I miss her and don’t want us to be close anymore. "
Lin seems to be able to say this, and she has fully said that she is disappointed in Guan Ya, a daughter-in-law. It seems that three years has really changed many people, such as being simple and kind to Guan Ya.
Guan Ya? She can also hear that Lin is disappointed in her, but now what can she do? Things have come to this. Save my brother and save Nanfeng International. She can brazenly ask her parents-in-law.
"My parents can save my brother now. If she can clarify that all this is a rumor and expose Li Jihe’s conspiracy in public, there is room for redemption. I know I was wrong. I will apologize to Yu Xi for how she punished me. I didn’t ask for rain. The sunrise can help my brother in one day."
Officer Ya’s eyes are red, and she can’t help it. Every time she gets home, Xu Qianjiao will complain in front of her that Officer Yang didn’t say it in the end or blamed all the faults on Zhang Yuxi. Too many times, Officer Ya will be substituted into that sad thought, and there is no reason to hate Zhang Yuxi.
The room was very quiet, and Zhang Xiaotian refused to talk about it. This exhortation worker naturally fell to Lin Wan, facing this stubborn daughter-in-law Lin just like Nai.
"Xiaoya, why aren’t you white? What news can you change if you let the rain sunrise come forward? Even if there is no legal recognition that Li Jihe is already your brother’s wife, if the rain sunrise comes forward, you can’t save your brother and get involved in a feud with a rich family. Maybe even the rain sunrise will be lost. Now the situation is chaotic enough, so don’t make any more trouble."
In fact, Lin seems to be also trying to persuade her that it is not wrong to violate her analysis from the angle of fact. If Yuxi comes forward, all the media will point the finger at her, then everything will be dug up by the media in the past three years, which is even worse. Yuxi has no memory of everything with Guan Yang now, and she is even unwilling to help.
Mother Lin seems to have failed to protect her daughter three years ago, and this time she must not let Zhang Yuxi get hurt again.
"Mom, I didn’t expect you to be so cruel." Guan Ya wiped her face and tears with the back of her hand, and her big eyes stared at Lin like she was full of incomprehension and disgust. "Who did my brother get to this point? If it wasn’t for the rain sunrise, he would become like this? Well, Li Jihe volunteered to bring it back to the sunrise villa. If it wasn’t for her sympathy, how could things have evolved into this? Since it was all because of her, she should have been responsible for it."
What does Guan Ya hate? At the critical moment, no one in the Zhang family is willing to help her eldest brother. What did her brother do wrong? Why should she be treated so unfairly? Her husband’s family is gentle, kind and upright in the end, but it is just an illusion.
"Enough" Zhang Xiaotian angry. If he doesn’t talk at this time, the couple will simply be eaten by Guan Ya.
The word "enough" is powerful enough to make the officer shudder. She turned to see Zhang Xiaotian only to find that the man’s brow was full of anger.
"Officer Ya, enough is enough" Zhang Xiaotian reprimanded angrily. The tall body got up from the chair in front of Officer Ya and counted the crimes committed by this unfilial daughter-in-law. "Officer Ya, I, you are from a noble family and have a good education. There are some words that I don’t want to say more. You should be intelligent and understandable. Since the accident of the rain sunrise, have you ever had a heart when your eldest sister-in-law cleans the grave once a year? What else have you done when you are in a hurry with my eldest daughter-in-law’s identity? In the past three years, whenever it I complained to your mother’s family that her sudden death hurt your brother. You have your position, but have you ever thought about what our parents felt when they heard these words? That’s my daughter, too. Won’t it hurt me if you lose her? "Zhang Xiaotian buckled his chest. When he thought of Guan Ya’s abuse of Zhang Yuxi yesterday, he was disappointed with this daughter-in-law. Zhang Xiaotian tried his best to maintain his family and everything. He really didn’t want to see his son and daughter-in-law fall out one day. Most of the time, he was looking to the official with one eye open. Ya will be able to think for herself one day, but today’s words have come to this. Zhang Xiaotian completely denied all the good expectations of Guan Ya from the bottom of her heart. This daughter-in-law is really hopeless.
Maybe Zhang Yuchen appeared in the room at the moment when the quarrel was too big.
"Mom and Dad Xiaoya, what’s the matter with you?" On the one hand, my angry father, and on the other hand, my wife, Zhang Yuchen, turned her attention to her mother, Lin, just like her body, and so did her eyes at this time.
Eyes are also complicated.
What is married? Zhang Yuchen saw his wife crying not far away and walked towards her. He held Guan Ya in his arms and asked carefully, "Why is Xiaoya crying?"
Have to rely on this officer, unexpectedly will koo eyes look at Zhang Xiaotian meaning is obvious because she was wronged in Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Yuchen saw his wife’s point and said to Zhang Xiaotian, "Dad, you can’t say what happened. Xiaoya, she is also in a hurry. She can’t help herself. Your elders should be more considerate." Zhang Yuchen said righteously, as if Zhang Xiaotian had done something wrong.
Zhang Xiaotian see son so couldn’t help heart cold laughed "rain Chen with your wife from here before I have not been grieved".
Zhang Xiaotian buckle chest don’t face eyes have some wet.
Entering middle age, he has long looked down on the world, but today, when he heard his son’s words so unintelligible, Zhang Xiaotian suddenly became cold, which really changed many people. Once he was the happiest father with his daughter-in-law, but now his son was bewitched by his daughter-in-law, and his daughter lost her memory and didn’t recognize him. This father, Zhang Xiaotian, couldn’t help sighing that life has come to this stage. Even if a person has more money, what can he have?
Guan Ya and Zhang Yuchen went back to their own rooms, so Guan Ya jumped into Zhang Yuchen’s arms and cried, "What should I do when it rains? I’m worried that my brother can’t handle such a scandal alone. I want to ask my parents for help, but they refused me without thinking. I can understand that they want to protect Yu Xi, but now we can save my brother and it rains. Can we first let Yu Xi expose Li Jihe’s lies and then think of other ways?"
Now the only life-saving straw for Guanya is Zhang Yuchen. She begged him. Maybe Zhang Yuchen will relent and find Zhang Yuxi to let her come forward, so everything will be solved.
Zhang Yuchen is also in trouble. Guan Ya is his wife. If he wants to help her, he is just like Lin. Even if Zhang Yuxi comes forward to clarify, it will not help. Maybe he will be fired by the media for another scandal.
Wanted to think, Zhang Yuchen appeased Guan Ya first. "Xiaoya, listen to me. This matter should take a long-term view, and you have to trust Big Brother’s ability. Now that it has happened, he will definitely have a solution. If we really get involved in the situation, maybe it will break the big brother’s business. So I’ll call Big Brother first and ask him about the situation there, and I’ll go to Yu Xi for help."
"Well," Zhang Yuchen assured Guan Ya that he was relieved to dry his tears and said to Zhang Yuchen, "Then you can call my brother now and ask about the situation."
"Good" Zhang Yuchen raised my hand and touched Guan Ya’s head and went out to call Guan Yang.
Ou Chenyi, a high-end apartment, was silent for a long time after watching the news, so he was asked by Zhang Yuqing at lunch. However, Ou Chenyi said, "I don’t want to hurt you if it’s sunny and rainy. Things have come to this. Once Li Jihe is in public, it will be fate for Guan Yang. If you want to recover the rain sunrise, it will be difficult."
Everyone has his own opinion, so what does the party concerned do?
Li Jihe will suddenly notify the media, which is something that Guan Yang didn’t expect, but from the moment a woman notifies the media, there are really many times when she can do all emergency measures. Passive beating has never been acceptable to him.