You said/

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I went to take a shower/
See your head turn gray/
I think/
You must be shy/"
"What kind of poem is this?" By the time the bumblebee sings the third sentence, everyone is gone. Fat and Boss Cao called Black to play war3. Recently, after Boss Cao came back from Hainan, he didn’t know that he would never touch CS again. Instead, he played Blizzard’s competitive game war3 every day.
"By the way, boss?" Qu Yong remembered Uncle Cheng’s honeysuckle. He asked Boss Cao, "Does your family accept honeysuckle?"
"Honeysuckle?" Boss Cao did not hesitate to say, "That thing is too cheap and Chinese medicine is not made in our family."
"Oh" QuYong also thought of this result. He said, "Then I’ll take a look at it myself."
"What’s the matter? Do you have honeysuckle to sell? "
"Yes," QuYong told uncle Cheng’s story, and finally said, "Anyway, it will take a while for uncle Cheng’s honeysuckle to be dried."
Boss Cao "oh" suddenly asked, "Brother Xiaoyong, is there a breeze on the rooftop?"
Qu Yong knew that "a breeze blowing on the roof" meant that he had something to say to himself alone, and he nodded and said "yes"
Bumblebee looked suspicious when they went out and said to Fat, "Do you think these two are gay and always blowing on the roof?"
In the deep autumn wind, when there is no heat, it is fast, slow and slow. It turns out that more than half of this semester has passed.
"How time flies!" Boss Cao walked to the rooftop and shouted at the tall buildings in the distance
Boss Cao said, "Brother Xiaoyong, have you completely recovered from your illness? What happened? "
"It’s all right" QuYong didn’t tell people anything sophisticated. He prevaricated, "I went back to see the old man’s house and he enlightened me. I was every cloud has a silver lining but broke through."
Boss Cao was not surprised by this result. He told himself, "Brother Xiaoyong called me five times during this period, and every time she asked me in a hidden way that she seemed quite lost when you heard that you were not here."
"Oh," Qu Yong, a four-girl, can’t tell whether he is feeling or not. He still hopes that he can stay away from this changeable woman, but he still has a nostalgia in his heart. Now he is old-fashioned and wants to check things. Without the help of four girls, Qu Yonggen can’t find the information.
"You" Cao boss sighed for a long time, took out a cigarette and buried himself in the smoke.
"Ahem" QuYong choked by second-hand smoke "Xue Yingying? How is she? "
Boss Cao said, "What else can we do? Sentenced to 20 years in Quzhou Fengling Women’s Prison "
Qu Yong murmured, "I didn’t get to see her in court."
"Maybe she doesn’t want to see you. At least, she doesn’t want to see you when she is most embarrassed." Boss Cao also said faintly, "It’s better to see you than to see you."
Qu Yong looked at this familiar and unfamiliar rooftop, and his heart ached inexplicably. All kinds of scenes emerged in front of him that day, just like yesterday, "She doesn’t know how she is doing in it?"
"Let’s visit in a couple of days."
"I think so, too."
"Don’t talk about it," said Boss Cao, patting Qu Yong on the shoulder. "What’s your plan?"
"What’s the plan?" Qu Yong was confused and said, "Go back to the old days and read."
"Do you think it’s possible?" Boss Cao felt that the tip of his tongue was a bit bitter "bah" and said again and again, "Are you willing to be ordinary again after so much?"
"What a lot of things?" Qu Yong smiled and said, "How can I live if I don’t live like before?"
"Really?" Boss Cao suddenly smiled strangely. "I forgot to tell you that someone you never expected came here."
"Who is it?"
"You should be able to see it in a day." Boss Cao smiled at Quyong, who was full of doubts.
"So mysterious?"
"Hehe," said Boss Cao, touching his belly, "Go get something to eat when you are hungry."
"I’ll bring it for you. I’m going out to eat anyway."
When Qu Yong came back with three copies of two meats and two vegetarian dishes, three people in the dormitory were yelling and playing war3. The map was Gollwood, which was an old map for six people. When Qu Yong came back, they just knocked down the local fat and threw their mouse at their favorite chicken leg.
Bumblebee and boss Cao also rushed over with green light in their eyes. "Brother Xiaoyong, are you going to die if you don’t eat takeout every day?"
"Is the takeaway also sent to the building?" Qu Yong asked, "Don’t you want the same building?"
"You don’t understand this," Bumblebee said with a white box. "Whoever wins the lottery in the Three Kingdoms will get the takeaway."
"You are too lazy."
"I have a problem here." Fat was browsing the school forum while gnawing chicken legs. Unexpectedly, a God posted a post asking, "My girlfriend takes off her makeup every night, and when I wake up in the morning, I can hardly recognize her. Is she not my girlfriend at all?"
Someone replied, "It’s terrible to make up now. Removing makeup is no different from peeling in Zhou Xun."
Someone replied, "Fuck you, you should be happy. You can sleep with someone else’s girlfriend. If I had been secretly happy."
Face a series of "building gods"
Fat can’t help but be lonely and cry, "What shall we return to Sao Nian?"
Boss Cao said coldly, "What’s wrong with putting some makeup on your face? Tell him to see if he can be sure it’s a girlfriend?"
"I’ll go to the boss. You’re so evil. I like it." Pangpang replied quickly by tapping the keyboard, and then clicked a post. "I love my girlfriend very much. She has advantages but also disadvantages that I can’t stand. Is there any way to make her have advantages and no disadvantages?"
Face reply "what shortcomings? Is it that two faces are shortcomings and one is a bump? "
Once again, I have nodded "the trance-like man on the second floor since ancient times"
Qu Yong couldn’t help saying, "Everyone has shortcomings and advantages, just like there will be no positive and negative paper in this world."
"Good answer" fat will QuYong words reply.