One-third of his injuries, big and small, were caused by her, but she did so many things. At that time, she even doubted his sincerity until three years later, when she was born again, the man became less humble and asked her to forgive her for expressing her love again and again, but she was blinded by hatred and was disgusted to hear it.

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"If you can give me another chance"
"If you know how much I love you, shall we do it again?"
"If we want this knife to go, we are even."
"Two don’t owe, two don’t owe, two don’t owe."
The phrase "I’m not in debt" keeps playing in my mind, and the Swiss army knife is deeply inserted into Ji Yu’s chest "poof". These are all so real as if it had just been discovered.
His pale face was hurt, his eyes were bright and scarlet, and he couldn’t shake it in his mind until he fell down heavily.
"No, no, no, no, I actually killed him. I killed him. I killed the one I loved the most. What happened? I just know the truth now." Xunruliu kept muttering to herself, scarlet eyes are full of holes, and tears have filled the whole face. Long curly hair has been soaked by tears.
I had a high fever when I was searching for willows that night. Her mouth kept chanting "Ji Yu", "Ji Yu, we will start over when you come back. You know I love you so much" and "Ji Yu, we have missed it for so many years. Let’s not miss it again, okay?"
"Ji Yu, don’t die. I beg you not to die."
If you look for Liu, you will not only call the name of Ji Yu, but you will vent everything you want to say in your heart, but he can’t hear you.
Some people say that the furthest distance in the world is not where will you go, but that I am in front of you, but you don’t know that I love you. In fact, for Xunruliu, the farthest distance in the world now is that both of them love each other, but they are suspicious and suspicious of each other. Finally, they love each other, kill each other and torture each other until the day of death without saying I love you.
next day
After waking up, the spirit of searching for a willow is a little distracted. After one night of treatment, the fever has gone down, but she doesn’t eat for a day and a night. Her face is so pale that she really doesn’t know what’s the point of her being alive. Even if she has a family, it’s gone. Without him, he loves him and hates him. In the end, it’s just a bubble.
Allen is looking for a willow bed to check her body, but looking for a willow doesn’t cooperate at all, which makes Allen angry. He shook his head and said,
"There are many important people in Miss Xun’s life, and everything will pass."
If the willow is quiet, it is like a statue. It seems that there is no inaudible sound.
"Why not? There are many meaningful things in life, such as food, beauty, wine, love, friendship and relatives."
Allen shook his head and persevered. "If all this can’t impress you, think about your family and those who love you."
If Liu Dong looked at the ceiling and still didn’t answer Allen’s words.
"Alas," Allen sighed. I really don’t know how to persuade him. He thought to himself, "It’s a real thing. It makes people find each other in life and death." Last night, she kept saying that a man is her lover. Allen mused that although he said he was an American, he still knew a few proverbs from China.
"If you can’t think of good things, think of those who have hurt you. You hate people. You have to live better than them. You have to be strong."
A dead horse can be a living horse doctor. Allen is outspoken
When did the whole person bounce out of bed as if he had been touched?
"I’m going to leave the hospital now." Xunruoliu’s sentence didn’t mean to ask, but she was unusually sure that she would dial out her needle by herself.
"Miss, you can’t leave the hospital. You haven’t recovered yet. You can’t leave the hospital." Allen appealed to her if she looked at Liu’s crazy behavior.
If Liu Gen doesn’t look at him, he’s packing his luggage.
"I said miss Xun, you can’t leave the hospital now. Your body hasn’t recovered yet." Allen crossed Xun Ruoliu and stood in front of her firmly.
"The body is my own, please show it." If you look at Allen coldly, you will find a cold way.
But she hates people who are not dead yet. How can she die first? She can’t die. She doesn’t want to live better than her, but she must live more miserable than her. Even if Chen Yishan dies, I will get what I deserve back and double it.
Finally, if Liu was found, he left the hospital regardless of opposition and returned to Z country that night.
A uninhabited island in city A, country Z, was deserted and uninhabited a year ago, but as the country was attacked by invaders, the Chinese found it here and built a church in it, but later it became a deserted and uninhabited island after the French left.
Because the geographical area of this island is not large, and the fresh water resources are scarce, there is nothing worth developing. This island is abandoned, although it is not far from A city.
The church also built a basement. Usually, there are occasionally a few donkey people here to explore, but no one knows that there is a basement in the church.
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. I don’t know where it seeps and drips into the bucket and makes a light brittle sound. There is a dim little lamp in the room. Where this little lamp can’t illuminate, it is dark. This kind of environment makes dripping water look terrible.
Looking for Liu to open her eyes slowly may be because she has been asleep for too long. Although the light here is very weak, it still makes her feel difficult to adapt to her head. She is still groggy and seems to be about to explode. Her eyes are too blurred, and the scene before her is somewhat ghosted.
She felt her whole body ache as if she had been crushed, and her hand moved slightly, only to find that she couldn’t move and was so sore that what happened that day was quickly replayed in her mind.
Obviously, she was tied up and didn’t know that she had been in a coma for a few days. Her stomach ached terribly because she hadn’t eaten for a few days and her voice was terribly hot. Now she urgently needs some food to replenish her strength and try to find a way to escape from here.
"Eat when you wake up, bitch. Maybe you can’t eat it tomorrow." Xiong Ruixiang said coldly and found a table to put all the food on the table.
Xiong Ruixiang was afraid that if Liu ran away, his plan would be ruined. He also knew what this woman was capable of. He didn’t dare to take it lightly. He was the one who looked for Liu Gong himself.
"Bring the child and let the snack have something to eat, and untie this woman’s hands and put on chains and anklets." Xiong Ruixiang yelled at the people behind him. He didn’t want to feed this woman.
Soon Xiong Ruixiang gave her hands and feet tied with anklets and bracelets, thinking that this Xiong Ruixiang was very meticulous in doing things. After half a ring, Ji Hao was crushed with the child crying.
"I want to go home, I want my mother, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah." Because Ji Hao is still a three-and-a-half-year-old child, his expression is not very clear and intermittent when he is crying, and it is obvious that this kind of crying is somewhat awkward and his voice is hoarse. I think he is crying badly these days.
Chapter 64 He didn’t come
"Mom, you know how to cry when you are a rabbit cub." Xiong Ruixiang slapped Jihao before.
If Liu looked at her little body, Ji Hao’s whole pale face swelled up because of this slap. Her heart was full of pain, but it was all adult grievances that would involve children, just as she wanted revenge and never wanted to play Ji Hao’s idea.
Ji Hao, who was slapped, didn’t stop crying, but cried even more. He was impatient. Xiong Ruixiang’s mouth was more swearing and angry. "Mom, if you weren’t still beneficial, I would have shot you, you rabbit cub."
"A Niu, get that needle quickly and tell this rabbit to be quiet, or none of you will want to sleep tonight," Xiong Ruixiang shouted at the hands of the National People’s Congress.
A Niu in the back is of medium height, and his eyes are particularly bright and thief.
"Brother, don’t worry, I’ll give him an injection." A Niu Doggie said.
If Liu’s hands and feet have changed the chains, they can move a little. Both hands and feet are tied to the chair in front of her, and she is numb. Although she is hungry, her chest is attached to her back, but now her attention is focused on A Niu’s body, looking at his thin and long needles and Ji Hao’s frightened eyes, looking for Liu’s heart.
"What are you doing? How can you do this to a child?" Xunruliu thundered.
"Bitch, you can’t take care of yourself and want to take care of other people’s children. Isn’t he your rival child? We’re helping you understand." Xiong Gouxiang’s mouth evoked a sneer as if he were looking for a willow as a joke
A Niu slowly approached Jihao Jihao. He was so scared that he twisted his body and kept crying in his mouth. His voice was so sad.
Xun Ruoliu frowned tightly and his face was worried. "I can give you whatever you want if you let him go, but please let him go. He is still a child."
"Before you, who are you? Everything about you is given to you by Ji Yu, and I don’t know how much you are worth in Ji Yu’s heart. You and I are stupid enough to believe you." Xiong Ruixiang’s thick nostrils are contemptuous
"Although I’m not worth a few dollars, are you sure that Ji Hao is also worth it? Ji Yu doesn’t care about this child anymore. Don’t you think it’s strange that I can kick this child out of the house? Do you think it doesn’t matter whether I’m heavy in Ji Yu’s heart or not? You give him to me and I promise that he won’t make trouble. If you starve him, maybe you’ll lose a chip, but you often give such a child sedative without supplementing him with nutrition. It’s not until Ji Yu comes that little body won’t last. It depends on how you get the money"
Looking for Liu has said a lot to Xiong Ruixiang, and now she, he can also play tricks with Xiong Ruixiang to confuse this man’s sight, hoping to make Ji Hao suffer less. Even she can’t tell what she wants to do. She just can’t stand how several big men treat a child cruelly. Even if the child is not her, she will still be heartbroken. It turns out that no matter how hard she tries to disguise herself, she is still the woman Ren Liuxia.
If Liu had guessed what Xiong Ruixiang had tied Chen Yishan’s children together, it was obvious that he wanted to draw Ji Yu out. They were not only as simple as money, but also had Ji Yu’s life. She was afraid that Ji Yu would come here because she was afraid that Ji Yu would get hurt again, but she was somewhat expecting Ji Yu to come in her heart.
If he comes to prove that he is not dead, it is good that he is alive, whether he comes because of Ji Hao or because of her, it doesn’t matter.