Because there is always victory!

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Although he led the team to play a game, Chang Sheng has become the focus of the media because he is completely different from being a coach.
But this time, Chang Sheng once again showed everyone his unusual side …
He didn’t even attend the pre-match press conference!
He sent assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez!
Manuel Garcia sat at the press conference table and watched a group of stunned reporters smile bitterly in their hearts.
Because it’s not his turn to appear here.
In the future, it should be a constant winner to do things, but he didn’t care about the media because he refused to attend. Then he found Rudy Gonzalez, the assistant coach, and Gonzalez said nothing and almost turned against everyone
In the end, there was no choice but to have him come.
It seems that he is afraid of running away from the game and always wins. He also said that if he doesn’t go, no one in Hertha will attend the press conference before the game.
There’s no way Manuel Garcia can bite the bullet-he’s never seen anything like it before.
But to be honest … he was actually looking forward to this press conference. Although he was caught temporarily, at least he was able to get acquainted with such multimedia.
He weighed his words in his mind, hoping that he wouldn’t behave too badly later …
Alberto Garcia cabrera, press officer of Hertha Club, was surprised to see Manuel Garcia.
He is neither the head coach Chang Sheng nor the assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez.
But the so-called … Anyway, someone has to come out and face the reporter …
So he motioned for the press conference to be asked by reporters.
Manuel Garcia sat in his seat ready to answer questions.
But the scene suddenly became quiet.
Because the reporters were looking at him, but no one raised their hands.
When Manuel Garcia appeared on the scene, the reporters were surprised and then angry.
They came here to interview Chang Sheng. Unexpectedly, Chang Sheng didn’t come out at all. Not only Chang Sheng didn’t even come forward, but even assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez. Finally, Chang Sheng sent an ordinary coach to attend the pre-match press conference!
God knows who this man is! At least it’s definitely not an assistant coach or a head coach! Maybe it’s a fitness coach or something!
This is simply … cruel!
When have the crowned journalists been treated like this?
In their opinion, Changsheng sent a coach casually to deal with them, but he looked down on them. Of course, they looked down on Changsheng at first, and they naturally didn’t remember it.
The crown kings can’t stand this naked face-slapping behavior.
Finally, someone raised their hands.
Alberto Garcia was relieved. The silence just now was so embarrassing …
He quickly lit the reporter.
Manuel Garcia also tidied up his face and tried to make himself smile and look natural. He even measured his side ear slightly to listen.
But the reporter got up and the first sentence made both Garcia stunned.
"What attended the press conference is not the head coach?"
Manuel Garcia paused for a moment and then said, "Often he is busy …"
"Then what is not assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez to attend?" The reporter asked.
By this time, the fool knows what this reporter means.
He despised the coach in front of him and thought he was not qualified to be interviewed on behalf of Hertha!
Manuel Garcia did not continue to explain, but said positively, "I often say I can represent him."
"Can you?" The reporter asked.
Alberto, the press officer next to him, couldn’t watch it either. He motioned for other reporters to ask
But this time no one raised their hands.
The famous reporter seemed to be inspired. Instead of sitting down, he said to Manuel Garcia, "I often think you can represent him, but I’m sorry that we asked him that we were interviewing the head coach of Hertha’s first team instead of any coach."
After saying this, the reporter turned and walked towards the door of the press conference hall.
Then among the silent reporters, some people hesitated-more people got up and turned to go out.
Finally, I simply walked away!
They didn’t leave directly, they were in the corridor outside the door, and they demonstrated to the man who refused to come out to see them in this way, hoping to put pressure on him to come out for an interview
In the press conference room, the two Garcia were unprepared for this sudden scene. They watched the reporters walk away and couldn’t even say a word to retain them.
Then the two men looked at each other
"Rudy, why are you stinking? I haven’t seen you smile for more than a week. "
The team trained in their own, er, home court in coliseumalfonso perez, and the winning team kept harassing Rudy Gonzalez on the sidelines.
Rudy didn’t have a good look at him. He snorted and turned his face to one side.
However, Changsheng went around to Rudy from the other side and continued to say with a straight face, "It will kill Rudy if you always frown, and I don’t want the players to be too nervous because of your expression … You know our opponents are very strong in this game, coach. We should put on a confident smile to give them confidence … just like I do!"
Changsheng grinned and showed two rows of neat white teeth, but this smile would make people feel "fake!"
This bitch!
Rudy Gonzalez’s forehead was blue with veins standing out.
He found himself pawned. Ever since he made a bet with Changsheng, he has been at his wit’s end with this bastard.
Being proud of him is not like giving an excuse to the winning team. After the demotion, it was said that the team’s fighting capacity dropped sharply because of its failure to cooperate with other workers … I didn’t expect this bastard to push his luck recently!
He gritted his teeth and said, "Do you know why …"
Changsheng paused, and then he suddenly patted his forehead. "Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to! I really didn’t expect … Besides, who hasn’t lost a game? "
It’s really a surprise that Mourinho lost to Barcelona by a 5 in the first national derby when he coached Real Madrid, but he didn’t see him. This Rudy Gonzalez’s psychological quality is really bad. It’s no wonder that he can’t be a head coach … Other abilities as a head coach can be discussed, but his psychological quality must be better or he would have died several times long ago.
"That’s enough! You don’t want to be interviewed yourself! " Rudy Gonzalez can’t stand this fly buzzing in his ear.