Lu Fei smiled with a gloomy face and returned the words just now intact. "I won’t be too hard on you for my master’s sake!" "

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When I heard this, I was furious when I was young, but my eyes flashed a killing machine.
The runes in the hands are intertwined into pieces, and the left and right bows are actually showing two star-pickers at the same time! Tandem two dark hands at the same time toward Liu Fei rolling away!
If this is really filmed, is there any way for Lu Fei to live?
Geng Niu, the first year of the top ten elders in Maoshan, had a good reputation in Maoshan. He wanted to make Lu Fei suffer quickly by drastic measures.
I didn’t expect that the scene in which Lu Fei was knocked down by one move in the play did not appear, but was forced by Lu Fei to do his best.
Even his proudest star-picker was directly crushed by the other side. In front of so many Mao Shandi, Nian Geng Niu suspected that he had lost all his face.
Rage will naturally come to an end, and the offensive will be overwhelming!
Seeing this, Lu Fei couldn’t help but feel the same anger.
Seeing two black hands at the same time, Lu Fei finally made a brazen move! Raise your hand and raise your foot like a humanoid Tyrannosaurus rex! A pair of big hands suddenly shot like a mountain splitting yue!
Bao Shanyin was once again hit by his deep and heavy Taikoo Shenshan, which was suddenly suppressed and went straight towards Niangeng Niu!
At the same time, Lu Fei played the mountain seal, although the luster was slightly dull, but the castration remained unchanged, so he suppressed the young bull!
"Give it to me!"
I don’t want to think much about the face of the bull, but I quickly propped up the protective body and at the same time, my palm lit up and I took a shot at the dark Da Yue.
Almost in a short time, the body armor of Geng cattle was crushed to pieces!
At the same time, he patted the palm of Bao Shanyin’s hand, and it was actually smashed through the lotus flower.
"Ah …"
After screaming for a year, Geng Niu has to quickly pull out and fly back. Look at his hands, which have been completely deformed and broken. If it weren’t for his reaction, I’m afraid it would be completely crushed into a blood fog in a moment!
At this time, Lu Fei quickly pursued it like a ghost. Although the right hand was dark, it didn’t show the mountains, but it was also the same as Yin Wei’s force to hold the mountains. He slapped the shoulders of Niangeng Niu!
Poof …
Lotus flower collapse At present, the whole left arm of Geng Niu has been smashed into a piece of blood fog since the shoulder, and the flesh and blood suddenly flew, and someone was shocked at the place!
"This …"
"After losing the year, the elders actually lost?"
All the mouths opened wide into an "O" shape, and someone pinched his thigh very hard to make sure that all this was true!
The top ten elders of Maoshan were defeated by a younger generation? And this young player also has the strength to refine God’s mid-term condition?
"This …"
"Good terrorist strength!"
I’m afraid no one would believe all this is true if I didn’t see it with my own eyes!
[31] The 11th generation leader of Maoshan Sect!
? "hey! It’s worthy of being an artist’s imperial pen and Shennongding’s equally famous supernatural power! This power is really overbearing! "
Not only are they, but even Lu Feiren was startled by the power of Bao Shanyin at this time. Just now, he was forced to be impatient and Shennongding was occupied again! Nai was forced to display this unfamiliar mountain seal.
To his great surprise, the power of this mountain seal is so powerful!
Although he is still a beginner and has only learned a little fur, even so, he can easily defeat Yuan Ying’s peak year-old bull!
I have to say that this is simply a miracle, and it has turned Gankun around with only one skill that has just been practiced for less than half a day! The emperor’s reputation really deserves its name.
Thought of here, Liu Fei’s actions on that day are all the more fortunate. Fortunately, Shennongding forcibly suppressed the rune, otherwise this furious avatar will fall into the hands of the magic Xingtian!
If he learns to seal the emperor, he will suffer. Will he still be his opponent then?
Glancing at Nian Geng Niu coldly, Lu Fei did not take any further action, but sneered, "Don’t worry, don’t mess with me! I am not interested in the position of Maoshan! "
After all, the other party is Liu Fei, one of the top ten elders in Maoshan, and it’s not good to really treat him, especially at this time when Maoshan is still in a precarious state, and it is really impossible to afford such a loss any more.