"alas! As soon as I entered the official door, my life was ruined by your hands … "Say that finish, a tall figure came out of the room, which should be the present-day Duke Luzheng of Zhoucheng.

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"Hum! It’s still young to dare to fight with me! Twenty years ago, I played with you men who thought highly of themselves. It’s not that easy to kill me! " Then I walked out of a semi-old Xu Niang from the inside, and I still looked somewhat beautiful. I must have been a great beauty when I was young, but I hid in the window and eavesdropped. After listening to this semi-old Xu Niang, my back was cold and sweaty. I really felt sad, and Wang Wu felt sad. Even if you get such a wife, no matter how beautiful it is, you will have no peace of mind for a generation.
When there was no one around, I sneaked into the duke’s room through the window.
Chapter 35 The Secret Room is bitter
There are many rooms in the room, and I can vaguely see the whole room by candlelight in the corridor outside the room.
Generally speaking, if there is a secret room, there will be one. I rummaged around the room and finally accidentally touched the table. The candlestick made a strange noise before I found the secret room. I clenched the candlestick with my hands and twisted it to the right. After a few clicks, it moved to both sides of the western big cabinet, revealing a dark tunnel.
As soon as I flicker into the aisle cabinet, I automatically sealed the crossing. I immediately pulled out my broken sword. Judging from the beaded net inside the aisle, no one has come in this secret room for quite a long time, so I’m not worried that Lu Zheng will suddenly come in. The aisle leads to the underground, step by step, and I don’t know how deep it is. But I dare not be careless at all. Wang Wu told me that there are many machines in it. If I’m not careful, I’ll probably die.
It took me more than 100 steps along the stone steps to flatten the road. Now this place should be more than 20 meters underground. I was relieved when I saw Pinglu. I just wanted to lift my legs and move forward. Two small holes were exposed on both sides of the tunnel. Fortunately, I learned to react quickly with flying skills and jumped back, otherwise I would be caught. Wang Wu said that he was honest and didn’t deceive me
I walked carefully and slowly, and then took a few steps. The road ahead changed. There were some strange bumps on the flat road. I didn’t want to know where those bumps were. I lifted the flying skill. After those bumps settled for more than 20 meters, the front returned to normal. After walking more than 10 meters, a door appeared in front.
I don’t know how to hit this door, because it is surrounded by smooth stone walls. I searched carefully for every place nearby, and finally found an almost invisible pattern in front of the door. There is another one among the four fan leaves that doesn’t look like a fan leaf. I clicked one of the fan leaves and the middle one with a single tone, which seems to be 12345. I pressed 12345 and didn’t press 54321 again.
When I entered the door, I found that it was actually a room, and there was nothing special in it. Wang Wu said that the thousand-year-old ginseng was in this secret room, but I don’t know where it was hidden.
If you can’t see it, it’s easy to find it. I rummaged through the shelves. Many of them are big heads. If I dig and put ginseng in, it’s hard to see it from the outside. Maybe I’m not lucky enough this time. I found a thousand-year-old ginseng from one mile when I almost finished rummaging. If I look at it from the other end, I’ll save a lot of things.
The thousand-year-old ginseng took shape a little like a baby, and it was crystal clear. It made my appetite so strong that I almost wanted to eat it. I took the ginseng out of my bag and put it in my bag. I just finished this move and a strange thing appeared before my eyes.
Ginseng Guardian Level 4 Life 2 Physical Defense 4
This guardian is quite polite. He didn’t do it as soon as he came out. Instead, he said, "I am the guardian of the Millennium Ginseng. I am responsible for protecting the Millennium Ginseng from falling into the wrong hands. What do you want ginseng for?"
"save people!"
"Oh, so you can take the ginseng away, but the word you alone is not enough to believe that you can beat me. The thousand-year-old ginseng will be you from now on, or you’d better put it back where it came from."
"Mom, this is too that! Even the individual ginseng must send a monster to guard it! " I cursed in my heart, but I couldn’t escape if people tried to fight with me. "We want to fight, but it’s too small here. Let’s go outside and fight."
"No, if you really decide to fight with me, it’s enough here. It won’t be narrow." After that, he cast a spell and all the frames around him disappeared. I saw a swinging room where two people fought really enough.
"Are you ready? I am going to attack!" This guardian impressed me quite well, and I really don’t want to kill him unless I have to.
"All right, bring it on! Xiaolong is out fighting!" The white light flashed and the little dragon appeared. This guy was very excited. It seems that he was born to fight.
"oh? Dragon pet? It’s a pity that the level is still a little low, otherwise I’ll just throw in the towel. I’m pushing now. "As soon as the guardian’s words are finished, he pulls out his waist, and the single-pole wind generally comes at us. Xiaolong reacts quickly enough, and the claws behind him mercilessly sweep to the guardian’s back, and the guardian’s physical defense is high enough. Although the claw hit him, it didn’t cause much damage.
The guardian also knows that Long Chong is not easy to deal with, but the little dragon trick naturally failed to achieve the expected effect. The guardian didn’t stop attacking me because of his back injury, but he still came at me with a single knife. As soon as I dodged his attack, I was wondering how to deal with this guy, but it was in vain to think that I really couldn’t think of a better way except to break the sword and cut him.
It didn’t take me long to get rid of him and want to save his life. I didn’t expect Xiaolong to hang him up with his last move. I broke my sword, cut off a leg and threw it to Xiaolong himself, and cut off an arm to chew. I didn’t expect to chew this guardian’s life. It seems that it is better to kill him.
After a while, the guardian was brushed off by the system, but he left a meaningful sentence: "The Secret Chamber Defense System is officially opened."
What? ! Defense system? Does that mean that the trouble I had when I came in was just a side dish? Nnd, what’s wrong with this game?
I can’t care too much. At present, it’s just a step away from here. The front aisle is full of guardians, at least there are forty or fifty, and all of them are about forty. When I look at it, my eyebrows are wrinkled, but Xiaolong is crying with excitement.
Fortunately, the guardians didn’t hug each other, but stayed where they were, which means I have to kill them all if I want to go out. My heart suddenly lightened, and I still have a chance to go out if they don’t hug me.
But my idea is too naive. When I came in just now, there were no guardians and there were no other traps. But now every guardian’s place is full of danger, either poison array or smoke array, which is much more difficult to deal with than those guardians. If we want to break the machine, we must kill the guardians. The problem is that when we fight with them, those array methods are equally effective, and we only took two or three steps. Xiaolong and I are already in danger. I don’t care. Xiaolong has to take care of those poisons. It’s no joke.
The only lucky thing is that Xiaolong and I can use the body of the guardian to replenish our physical strength. Now we dare not get too close to those guardians. We can sneak attack from time to time by speed, which will slow down the progress of fighting monsters. Although we don’t have anything to do, it seems that it is impossible to remove the guardians from this tunnel in a day or two, and God knows if we will kill them and the guardians will be brushed out again. In that case, this will end in failure.
I was most worried that the situation didn’t appear. One guardian was killed, and one machine was destroyed one by one. By the time we reached the end of the tunnel, I calculated that it was already late the next day. That is to say, if I didn’t deliver the thousand-year-old ginseng to Wang Ruoxin after tonight, Wang Wu would die. I read a bag and all the blood medicines except money were given to Xiaolong. Fortunately, I knew it before, otherwise I would definitely not be able to get out of this hellhole today. Who can believe that I have fought with Xiaolong here for a whole time?
After fighting so many guardians, Xiaolong and I both rose to the next level. Xiaolong leaned forward and licked its dragon tongue twice. My face flashed and got into my bag. Although I got out of the flat road, I didn’t climb the stone steps very carefully. I can’t guarantee that there is no machine in these stone steps and I finally got to the exit. I was relieved.
I put my ear to the big cabinet board and listened to the movement in the duke’s room for more than ten minutes. When I made sure there was no sound, I quickly flashed out the twist.
The castellan’s mansion is still in the same state of light and alert, but I’ve been promoted to a higher level. I’m a little handy when I got in yesterday. I don’t think much of myself. I still follow my way out of the castellan’s mansion. I have to take the medicine to Banhushan at midnight.
Chapter 36 Two castellans
Perhaps because of the martial law in Zhoucheng, even the gate, which has always been big, was opened tonight, and guards were sent to patrol nearby. The Lord ordered that no one should enter or leave Zhoucheng at night.
I didn’t dare to finish the skill points upgraded this time, but I sent a big show today. I added all the skill points to the lightness skill, which made me reach the intermediate level. I’m not afraid that I can fly over the eaves, hahaha, the walls of Zhoucheng are too high for me.
I’ve done a few light feats nearby, and I’ve climbed the city wall. It’s so cool. I can’t help but think that I’ve seen a movie before. It’s so fascinating that the thief is free and easy. It took me a long time to remember that I’m a swordsman. How can I be compared with a thief? But thieves will and I will. That’s really good. Two city guards found out that I just had a drink. "Who? !” I’ve already jumped out of town.
The moon is almost halfway up, and I have to hurry. I have been flying all the way, and I have been on my way. Finally, I arrived at the door of the ruined temple in Banhushan, and Wang Ruoxin was already waiting there.
When she saw me, she hurriedly urged, "There is not much time to take out the ginseng quickly." I took the thousand-year-old ginseng out of my bag and gave it to her to follow her into the temple. Wang Wu was already a little unconscious at the moment, lying flat on the ground. Wang Ruoxin’s hands were holding her arms, and the thousand-year-old ginseng was close at Wang Wu’s side. Instantly, a dazzling white light came from the face of the thousand-year-old ginseng and wrapped Wang Wu, who was lying on the ground.
White light has been in transit for a month. Wang Rexin is so tired that he is sweating and panting. Wang Wu has opened his eyes at this moment, and tears are hanging from the corner of his eyes. He gently sobbed. I watched this old man and two young people feel speechless. I looked up and looked at the moon. This hope actually made me find a man in black at the top of the temple. "Who? !” I drank a lot and immediately floated to the top of the temple.
Although the man in black covers his face, I can feel a powerful force from him, which puts a lot of pressure on me. "Who are you?" I cold tunnel
Bottom Wang Rexin has held Wang Wu two people looked up at the black dress person Wang Rexin sneer at a "LuZheng! What are you doing here? "
The black dress person pulled the towel to reveal a vicissitudes of life face. It was Lu Zheng, the duke of Zhoucheng, who listened to him slowly. "Hey! Xiao Ni, you have never called me a father for twenty years. It turns out that you already know that I am not your real father. It’s really sad. "I said as I floated down, and I quickly called Xiaolong out at the same time.
"You’d better take your Long Chong back! Your strength now I can crush you with one finger. This is our feud. You don’t have to intervene. "Lu Zheng warned me when he was still in the middle."
Although he said so, I still couldn’t let go and drove Xiaolong back to the bag.
"Brother Wu, there is still justice in this world, and the curse has not killed you for twenty years. It seems that this is God’s will. Xiao Ni, don’t blame me. I did this to your father and daughter because of your mother." Lu Zheng said this sadly. I believe that I can understand the duke’s tolerance when I overheard him talking with that woman in the window that day.