I saw the baby in the ring. Besides the essence of the soul vein, there are many pills, and even a flying sword of the first fairy and a fairy dress. My eyes are slowly moist.

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"Eldest brother I …"
"It’s boring to say goodbye to your brothers. For the time being, it’s most important not to compete with your brothers for self-promotion."
"Never live up to the expectations of the eldest brother, but … you should also be careful when you are in Taiyi Xianmen, where intrigue is more serious."
"Ha ha … do you think I will suffer in this respect?"
"Maybe that person just now, I think it’s not easy."
"I’ll fuck him!"
I can’t help swearing when I think that guy named Yan Zhu is cold. Unless he is a real idiot, he must be coming for himself.
The next day, the two brothers will say goodbye to each other in the other yard. I’m afraid it will be impossible to meet each other for a short time. Unless Chen Han can become a younger brother, he can leave his legacy at will or join Taiyi Xianmen as a younger brother in the early days of Du Jie.
But now he is just the initial state of fit, and even if the essence of the soul vein is integrated, there are still a lot of resources to assist the cultivation, which is not an overnight thing.
After more than ten days.
Chen Han, who has passed through dozens of rounds of transfer, has appeared safely in the Xuanyang Mountains, where Taixuanfeng, the main peak, is where the main mountain gate of Taiyi Xianmen is located. There are a total of 100 other peaks, each of which is stationed by hundreds of true brothers, and the elders and guardians are stationed in Taixuanfeng.
One hundred and one mountain peaks are enveloped by a powerful magic circle. There are 999 pieces of early fairy wares and 99 pieces of middle fairy wares. The defense and attack power of this large array have reached an incredible level, and even six robberies will be easily killed.
Dense forests and towering trees
You can really see what’s going on inside through the magic circle. Unfortunately, it’s just some illusions. How can the real situation of Taiyi Xianmen be exposed to people?
At the entrance of the mountain gate, there are two rows of masters neatly arranged. Each column has a minimum of 100 people, and the last stage of Du Jie is the strongest. It has reached the last stage of Mahayana. Every year, there are three days when Taiyi Xianmen recruits masters from outside, and it is not from the family. The annual quota is 500.
It seems that this quota is a lot. Compared with those who come to sign up for fixing the truth, it is nine Niu Yi hairs.
When the cold reached the day before, hundreds of thousands of people had already clouded outside the mountain gate, and sword light fell from the sky almost every moment. Occasionally, a few people flashed in the array not far away. There was no power behind these, and it was difficult for wild practitioners to get a lot of spiritual knowledge. Traveling long distances made it a luxury for most wild practitioners.
I didn’t see that there are just over 200 pieces of stone in the savings of the four public offices in the open sky and virtual city. What’s more, these wild repairs?
Of course, there are also very few rich people who get some treasures unexpectedly, and it is not uncommon to exchange a lot of lingshi through auction.
Hundreds of thousands of people who fix the truth are so stunned that they are afraid that every move will be caught by people, and they will be directly eliminated before they are selected. They are just like sculptures.
"Brother, a pure Brazilian cigar …"
Chen Han is holding a cigar in one hand and a cigarette in the other. If you want to see Xiuhe, someone with good talent will immediately go to smoke and find something to talk about.
These things from another universe did not arouse everyone’s curiosity, but most people chose not to make enemies for the time being. They showed no hostility or impatience with Chen Han, but politely refused his cigars and cigarettes, leaving a bad impression on Taiyi Xianmen.
"What’s this little doing? Bribery? "
"What’s that in his hand?"
"No matter how hard it is to bribe, it is not so easy to get into Xianmen?"
"At that time, I participated in the selection every year for 50 consecutive years to have a chance to be selected!"
"That’s because you are too bad. What happened to me for three years?"
Outside the mountain gate, 200 Taiyixian disciples looked at the big monkey running around in the crowd, showing strange expressions in the cold, but more still disdained and sneered.
However, they didn’t stop it. It’s still half a day before the selection. Besides, no matter whether these practitioners obey the rules or bribe, they must pass the screening at different levels. Without sufficient strength, it’s all in vain unless you can bribe the fairy elixir, and there may be a chance.
"This brother is pure heroin from the Golden Triangle. Would you like some?"
"get out!"
Chen Han’s ear rang with thunder-like sound. A big man with a height of two meters glared at him with fierce eyes. His fingers were on his chest. "Can you talk about things that are not worthy of entering Taiyi Xianmen? Get out of here now!"
Looking at him with his head tilted for a while, Chen Han turned to those brothers who were guarding the mountain gate and said, "Can you fight before you are selected?"
"Do you want to play with him? Ha ha … "
The younger brother’s smile in the late period of the first Mahayana is full of irony. "If you have something to do before you are selected as the younger brother of Taiyixian, even if someone is killed in the place, no one will care about you. People like you are eliminated anyway, and it will save us a lot of time if the garbage is eliminated first."
This is a master, like a cloud, super power, Huang Ji shakes the sky and records camouflage and concealment, which may cause unnecessary trouble in the face of high-level scattered immortals anyway.
Therefore, the realm shown by Chen Han is the peak of Du Jie’s later period, which is also the realm he really cultivated.
On the other hand, that tall, burly and strong man also has the same realm of Du Jie’s later period. However, judging from Chen Han’s pulling around, everyone knows that his talent growth is very poor. How can he be a big fellow opponent?
"I will tear you alive!"
The strong man heard that he could fight before he was selected, and his eyes jumped like two bells.
More than 100,000 people exclaimed and retreated, giving up Fiona Fang Baili strong man’s hand with two more sledgehammers. Unfortunately, the quality of the spirit weapon was accompanied by a layer of pale gold, and his skin seemed to cross the layer of gold, and the crowd suddenly shouted.
"His physical defense is too strong and his melee power is poor!"