Xiao asked my heart suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis and immediately turned to the right front!

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In the crowd more than twenty feet away, a tall and thin man with a long dark gold bow in his left hand and a string control in his right hand, such as a full moon, squints and locks Chen Shou’s heart and has given up!
"bang! !”
The bowstring bounced up, but it made a sharp sound. After that, you can feel how powerful the bow is!
Black se arrows such as teleport to xiao asked front!
At that moment, Xiao asked how horrified he was, because that bow was impressively a fairy device in the realm of fairies! Can come to attack the fairy realm fairy!
Hiding can’t come. Xiao asked for the fastest speed. Raise your right hand and put your silvery white Xianjian in front of you. At the same time, press your left hand on the other end of Xianjian.
"When! ! !”
A shocking scene appeared. Xiao Wen actually saw the arrow position in his silvery white fairy sword bulge in his own direction and bulge a small bag! When the edge of the small bag grows rapidly and spreads to the blades on both sides, it is the size of a grain of rice. When the black Se penetrates the sword, the black Se arrow is impressively dressed in a silvery white sword!
Xianjian and vigorously coming Xiao asked "unter den," "mineral fairy" unter den "two steps backward, but before it was stable, he gave up and lost Xianjian, and Guanghua flashed in his right hand and threw it directly to the SHE arrow man in the distance!
That guy is definitely a fairy that can threaten his life. The bow and arrow has surpassed Xiao Wen’s fairy realm to attack the fairy!
One gold, one red, and two thin awns, like she, are 20 feet away. Although the tall and thin man is not as fast as the man’s arrow, he is also not easy to hide. The most important thing is that the man’s root hasn’t come yet. She’s the second arrow.
Six veterans with shields don’t hesitate and accelerate towards Xiao Wen!
However, Xiao Wen didn’t even look at them, which could threaten his life. There is a bow bearer in the distance!
Gold mans show faster than red mans straight to the man’s eyebrows!
The man didn’t care about his identity and face, so he just rolled to the right. He not only had to hide the golden mountain, but also the red mountain behind him!
The battlefield is a fart. It is the last word to be alive! The simplest way to avoid the enemy’s attack and then fight back at the fastest speed is whether it is dignified and unrestrained or flustered, which is not their consideration! The bow man’s reaction is critical!
Golden awn flies down!
But the man in the tumbling didn’t hear the second ring!
Then he felt that the long bow with hidden gold had come to fly away strangely! This is really beyond his expectation. When he tries to grasp it again, the hidden gold longbow that has followed him for many years has already flown out of his hand!
"Entertainment Show" When the man stared at it, he saw a thin red mountain. Don’t be in the bow and drag the hidden gold longbow to the man in the shield array!
The man was almost completely stupid on the spot. What the hell is going on?
He was shocked at this time, but Xiao Wen was glad!
That one gold, one red and two fine awns are exactly the golden feet of the old man when he was in the realm of the little fairy and the true fairy! And it’s just a sacrifice to the resurrection realm of Jin Zuchi. He really didn’t expect that he could play such a big role when he reached the realm of high-order Xianhao …
The foot red needle just dragged the dark gold longbow over the head of the right front shield soldier. Xiao asked that there was another thing in his left hand to rush it directly!
Rolling smoke gushed out like an explosion, directly covering Fiona Fang’s ten feet, and no one could see everything in the smoke except Xiao Wen!
Fog print!
This is impressively when he was in the selection of Ming Jian Zongdi.
Six shield soldiers jumped directly from the top of a shield soldier’s head on the right after catching the golden foot red and the dark gold longbow.
And the eyes of those who fall outside are to see the clouds in the range of ten feet suddenly rush to the right, suddenly rise, then fall and continue to jump eastward, and let out the six shield soldiers that have just swallowed up …
To tell the truth, this scene is really stranger to those soldiers. They have fought for a generation and have never seen such a situation.
Xiao Wen over there has run out of the place where people have passed dozens of feet away. If you don’t hide, think about it. Who is wary of the unknown, especially now in the battlefield?
If someone is looking up, it can be seen that the cloud is rushing straight to the east on the battlefield, just like breaking the surface of the white Se shark dorsal fin.
"General report! The man who descended from the sky killed a strong man in the second stage of Luoguo Awakening and seized Jiang Jin’s carved bow! " At the southern end of the battlefield, a soldier rushed to the front of several generals and saluted.
"oh? What is his own situation? " Immediately someone spoke in a slightly cold tone, but it sounded like a woman.
"It should also be almost killed by Jiang Jin She before awakening the second paragraph!"
"Go and save him!"
"Yes!" This reply is not the notified soldier, but the person behind the general to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and thirty Ghosts (9 words)
Xiao asked that it was really dangerous at this time, because he kept the fog seal for a long time. Many years ago, he could easily send a fairy device. It was so hard to get up at this time, not because the fog seal changed, but because his strength dropped too much.
But at this time, he still doesn’t know how extravagant his way of transporting fairy wares is to those soldiers. There are so many strong men in the awakening period in both armies that no one dares to be so fairy!
There are several people in the north who are passing through the crowd and quickly blocking Xiao Wen. They killed an awakened two-stage strong man and took a famous general with a surname. She carved a bow, which has attracted enough attention from Luoguo.
At the same time, several people in the south also rushed towards Xiao Wen, but those people were not trying to encircle but trying to chase.
In the rush line, Xiao asked to accept the smoke seal and ingest the golden sword in the stone painting. He had already put it back in the stone painting, and she carved the bow. At this time, Xiao asked his hands to stop. Although he was still in the disorderly army, there was no strong man around him, and those ordinary soldiers did not dare to approach him when they saw him strange.
Then Xiao asked to calm himself down to feel some secret breath in this world.
Is that okay?
The fingers of his right hand have trembled slightly, so there is indeed a feeling!
A fierce gaze Xiao asked both hands to hold the sword finger together, and the left hand sword finger rested on the right wrist and the right hand sword finger quickly wrote a picture in the chest!
He made a move like the wind, but his fingertips left traces of pale blue Se in the middle. The twists and turns look quite mysterious!
Xiao Wen is actually drawing a half-empty symbol!
The virtual symbol is quite long. At first, Xiao asked that the right hand sword finger was still at the neck height, and soon it was drawn to the chest height. However, it was not finished yet. At this time, the trace of the virtual symbol along the green Se has disappeared and kept pushing forward. When Xiao asked to finish drawing this symbol, it was estimated that there would be nothing left in the half-way symbol.
Xiao asked to continue to write pictures regardless!
Although it seems that there are many steps, the actual speed is extremely fast!
The right hand sword finger jerked outward to pick a virtual symbol, and the last painting was quite verve by Xiao Wen.