"This is a warning" Tang Hao raised his eyebrows.

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He not only moved her, but also let her have children by herself. If there is any regret, don’t regret it.
No, he won’t regret it. Never.
At this time, Tang Hao did not know that being too iron-toothed would be punished.
"Not advice" It is not surprising that a man of the same body can guess what Tang Hao did. Tang Hao loves Donna so much and wants to possess her when he sees that she looks different from Donna.
Yes, did he ever wonder what Lan and Donna look like?
Gu Qing got up and patted the grass clippings at random. "I won’t tell Danfu the news that the blue is in your hand for the time being, but I hope you remember what I said and don’t make the mistake of making yourself regret it."
Tang Hao closed his eyes and took a deep breath, ignoring the waves in his heart because of Gu Qing’s shallow words
Beautiful and quiet manor
Gu Qing-shallow walked into the hall, and Carol, the housekeeper, saw that Gu Qing-shallow was covered with grass clippings, which was even worse. His handsome face was bruised and he quickly came to ask Gu Qing-shallow and said nothing to tell her not to worry.
Carol knew that the young master didn’t want to say anything, and she couldn’t ask anything. She got up and went to the kitchen to express her heart, not only by being caring and attentive, but also by taking action to solve the problem.
"Aunt Carol, I’m thirsty." People didn’t arrive at Song Danfu’s sound, so they walked to the threshold at a brisk pace and saw Gu Qing sitting on the sofa. Song Danfu walked up to him and opened his eyes in surprise when he saw his face. "Wow, how come your face is black and blue and you are fighting with people?"
A butt sitting beside Gu Qing shallow sofa Song Danfu gather together face to see more clearly.
"Don’t look at it." Pushing her face with a big hand seems rude, but in fact, she is carefully caring everywhere.
"What are you pushing?" Song Danfu grabbed his big hand and pouted. "Why don’t you show me what?"
Throwing out two questions in a row, the expression is still very vivid
Gu Qing shallow language hope heaven Song Danfu sentence again "you are me, your face is me, of course, I want to see":
Chapter 172 Conditions to help her leave
Song Danfu stretched out his hand to encircle Gu Qing’s shallow neck and pulled him to himself as if he were testifying his words.
Gu Qing-shallow likes her to be overbearing occasionally, but she has an accident, one arm around her waist and honestly cooperates.
"How to hurt" Looking at his swollen cheeks, Song Danfu was very distressed and wanted to stretch out his hand and touch it, but he was afraid that it would make him more painful and did not dare to move.
"Don’t worry, I’m fine." Hold her hand and take care of her lightly. "You have to have confidence in your husband’s ability to clean up a crazy piece of cake."
Don Hao is a real nut to crack about Donna.
"Crazy" Song Danfu blinked his eyes and asked, "You were beaten crazy."
"He is worse than me." Gu Qing’s shallow disdain for cold hum Tang Hao’s situation is definitely worse than him.
Fighting is the most direct way for a man to test his strength, and it is even more important to his dignity. Gu Qingyi will never admit that he lost to Tang Hao, which is the same reason as Tang Hao.
Looking at Gu Qingqian’s disdainful expression, it seems that people are fighting for things. The awkward child Song Danfu knows that the person who fights with Gu Qingqian is definitely not as crazy as he said, not only not crazy, but also a familiar person with Gu Qingqian. Otherwise, Gu Qingqian will not fight with people, but directly knock down that person and make that person regret provoking him.
Song Danfu, who is still worried about her man, asked her gently, "What are you fighting with?"
The answer "He owes a fight" is crisp and neat
Song Danfu isn’t complaining that he is telling the truth. Looking at his original elegance and dusty face, it’s terrible that Song Danfu changed his tone. "What a pity! Such a beautiful face has turned into a pig’s head."
"Mrs. Gu" Gu Qing squinted at her tone. "You seem to be gloating at your husband’s disfigurement."
At the same time, the big hand around her waist gave her a twist.
"No, absolutely not." Song Danfu jumped in the heart and quickly put on a look at him. "Which fucking king egg dares to beat you and live impatiently? I’ll settle accounts with him."
Sliding the sofa Song Danfu is ready to escape from her because she knows Gu Qing, and knowing that he shows such a sinister expression is a strategy for her to escape from him.
When "come back", hook her waist, drag her back and put her on her leg, and bury her head in her soft hair, which brings a comfortable feeling when the faint fragrance invades her heart and lungs.
Carol, the housekeeper, came with a bowl and hugged the young couple intimately. It was not surprising that the bowl was placed on the coffee table. "Master, this is a freshly cooked egg."
Song Danfu wanted to push and ignore, but instead she became more and more tight. Song Danfu gave up her red face and asked, "Aunt Carol, did you give him eggs to tell him that it was a dead egg?"
Carol’s face was blank. Her Chinese attainments were not high. She didn’t know what a dead egg was, but she pulled Song Danfu’s hair hard. Of course, his expression was not manual.
"Hey, what are you doing pulling my hair?" Song Danfu stared at him in protest, ignoring her and yelling at Carol. "Aunt Carol, please go to the kitchen and bring a glass of milk."
"Good" Carol knows what her young master means. Milk must be given to Shaofu. She took a look at Song Danfu. "Shaofu’s hot eggs have the effect of reducing swelling and removing blood stasis. I don’t know how to let Shaofu teach you."
Carol happily left Song Danfu and asked blankly, "What do you mean?"
Hot eggs have the effect of reducing swelling and removing blood stasis. What’s wrong with her?
"Let you help me heal" means looking at her blankly and feeling very cute. My heart throbbed and bowed my head and kissed her lips.
The beautiful touch of the lips made both of them get out of control and hug each other intently. Carol came out with milk and saw them kissing selflessly, thinking that she would better not bother and go back to the living room sofa to kiss fiercely. The men and women didn’t pay attention to letting her go when she was about to get out of control. Song Danfu panted against his cheek as red as a ripe cherry.
Song Danfu thought of Gu Qing and said that he reached for a bowl of eggs for healing.
"Is the egg to help you wipe your face?" Song Danfu took the egg and went to the place where his face was bruised without waiting for Gu Qing’s shallow answer.
"Wait, you will aggravate my injury." Song Danfu held her wrist in an instant when the egg touched her face, and looked at him doubtfully. She took the egg from her hand and cracked it on the coffee table while peeling it, saying, "Direct rubbing will make the situation worse, and eggshells will scratch the skin. The first step is to peel the egg shell and then roll it gently on the face."
I made several demonstrations and asked Song Danfu "Do you understand?"
"Probably because I should understand it." Song Danfu gave an answer and took the eggs from his hand and rolled them carefully in his face.
"I’m not sure what the answer is." Gu Qing stared at her eyes with a smile. He knew that Dan Fu’s answer was deliberate and he didn’t learn.
Look at her preoccupation with fear of hurting him, you can tell how much she is doing it.
"Okay, I get it." After trying a few more times, Song Danfu became more and more comfortable and was in the mood to tease him. "Actually, I think it’s too much to roll eggs. Isn’t it faster to go to Mommy’s lab and find some medicine to wipe it?"
Her mother-in-law, Aurora, has medical skills. She is Pei hen.
"That’s boring." Gu Qing’s shallow and boastful response to rubbing medicine. Where can I watch my beloved wife holding eggs and concentrate on comfort one by one?
Come to comfort yourself.
Song Danfu’s language of rubbing medicine is boring, but rolling eggs is interesting.
He hasn’t given himself a definite answer to what fight. Song Danfu asked again, "By the way, you haven’t said anything about fighting with people."
Answer "He owes a fight"
"Gu Qing shallow do you think this is credible?" Stop moving Song Danfu’s face in his hand.