"Li Yi, who are you calling a chick?" Lin Keer blinked and asked.

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"Say what happened to you?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Li Yi, you hate to see my fist," Lin Keer said with anger.
"Have the ability to chase me! La la la! " Li Yi finished and made a face at Lin Keer.
"Li Yi, you wait for me to see if I don’t teach you a good lesson," Lin Keer said with anger.
"Is Sister Little Heron interesting?" Liu ruoying looked at Li Lu and laughed while jumping and asked
"Sister Ruoying is very interesting. Do you want to play together?" Li Lu smiled and asked
"No" Liu Reying shook her head. Li Lu looked so cute. I wish I knew more.
"Li Yi, why are you … you … running so fast?" Lin Keer said out of breath.
"Is it fast? I didn’t feel it. "Li Yi was very coquettish and ran to the side of Lin Keer who was out of breath.
"Li Yi, are you possessed by Liu Xiang?" Lin Keer said.
"Liu Xiang possessed? It’s so interesting. I didn’t expect our lovely classmates to be feudal superstitious, "said Li Yi with a smile.
"Hey, hey, Li Yi, who do you call feudal superstition? I think you have feudal superstition!" Lin Keer countered.
"I won’t discuss these nutritional problems with you. How can I not even catch them? I still want to hit me. Wait a few years!" Li Yi said
"Hum, maybe I can catch you someday," said Lin Keer.
"By the way, behave yourself!" Li Yi smiled and said.
"Well, I know, let’s hurry home!" Lin Keer said.
"Hey, hey, Chloe, don’t be in such a hurry!" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Don’t worry!" Lin Keer said.
"Isn’t it a little early for you to let me see my father-in-law so early?" Li Yi pretended to be shy and said
"Li Yi!" Lin Keer jiao nu yi
"Here" Li Yi would have run to the side at the moment.
"Chloe, where is your home? How long has this been going? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? " Li Yi asked
"Soon, soon, don’t worry, the horse is coming." Lin Keer looked at Li Yi and said.
Suddenly Li Yi smiled as if she thought of something when she saw many trees beside her.
"Chloe, why do I feel a little gloomy and a little scary when I get here? Do you think there are any graves and graves next to me?" Li Yi pretended to be a little scared and said
"Li Yi, don’t scare me. I’m afraid there shouldn’t be any graves here!" Lin Keer comforted himself in his heart. There is nothing scary here, no ghosts and no zombies.
"Chloe, are you sure you haven’t?" Li Yi asked
"I’m not sure Li Yi. You won’t see anything unclean, will you?" Lin Keer looked at the street lamp on the other side and asked.
"Why do you think there is still a trace of blue over there?" Li Yiyin, hey, hey, a little shaky.
"Ah, Li Yi, don’t scare me. I’m timid," Lin Keer said.
"Chloe, I have nothing to do to lie to you. It’s really a little blue," said Li Yi.
"ah!" Lin Keer directly hugged Li Yi like a claw fish.
Li Yi also hugged Lin Keer directly.
It seems that Li Yi’s plan is very successful!
"Li Yi, I’m afraid you can say it’s a ghost?" Lin Keer’s voice trembled slightly, which may be true fear.
Where is the ghost root in Mao Mao? But Li Yi can think for himself. I really told Lin Keer that Li Yi didn’t have the guts.
"Can’t, can’t, how can there be ghosts? It should be someone else’s bad drama!" Li Yi smells Lin Keer’s body fragrance, feels the touch in front of him and feels this wonderful moment.
"Li Yi you Nokia * to me" Lin Keer qiao face a red said.
No … No … No … How can Nokia’s own friends be inferior to Nokia!