Black Heavenly Devil’s fingers moved slightly and a finger wind roared away with white light. Yu Long Jianmang was immediately resolved. In the eyes of Black Heavenly Devil, Li Mang flashed, "Your body is full of dragon phoenix Jingxie. It seems that you are really blessed."

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Yu Long, of course, will ignore him and continue to attack.
They were frightened to disgrace, thinking that Long Yu’s bravery was too great, and it was incredible that even the Lord of the black fiend dared to attack.
Black fiend suddenly smiled, "Your appetite for me is as evil as I was … unruly."
Yu Long secretly wry smile yourself where is what pride insolence is riding a tiger is hard to crustily skin of head go one step at a time.
"Give me a punch and try-!" Black devil seems to be interested in playing a few tricks with Yu Long, and suddenly he punches and then a clearly visible white giant fist sweeps away towards Yu Long.
Yu Long quickly summoned the candlestick dragon to greet him, but he didn’t expect that the candlestick dragon was suddenly scattered and that boxing strength was castrated.
Yu Long was hit and flew backwards, spitting blood in the air and falling to the ground.
Ma Xiaomei exclaimed that she wanted to go in the past but was stopped by the monk.
Yu Long wiped the blood on the corners of her mouth and gave a wry smile in her heart. Knowing that she was far from being a black fiend, her opponent sat up and swept her eyes at the black fiend. "Do you want to kill me?"
Chapter ninety-two Black fiend compromise
Xiaomei exclaimed that she wanted to go over but was stopped by the monk.
Yu Long wiped the blood on the corners of her mouth with a wry smile in her heart. She knew that she was far from being a dark fiend. Her opponent sat up and swept her eyes to the dark to kill me? "
"Of course not-!" "I’ve always been opposed to ignoring life," said the black devil.
"Then what exactly do you want to do?" Yu Long said with a heavy drink, "You row and I’ll follow."
"Ha ha-!" Dark fiend chuckled. This doll is good, but it’s a little impulsive today. "
Yu Long faced his opponent for the second time and felt that his heart was so restless. He said, "I don’t care if you stop me from killing the overlord, I won’t let you go."
The black heavenly fiend was dazed and asked, "You still don’t let him go if he were dead now?"
Yu Long was full of hatred. "Of course not. I’m going to kill him completely. It’s not a fatal blow to repair his broken arm and leg."
Overlord smell speech body made a chill.
Yu Long coldly said, "It’s my bottom line."
Black fiend dazed a burst out laughing good I’ll give you a replacement "said the black fiend turned to the overlord.
I didn’t see him do anything. The bully screamed, and then he shook his body and collapsed. It looked worse than death.
"I abolished his meridians, even if I can’t restore him to practice. You should be Japanese, right?" Black devil asked
Yu Long didn’t seem to expect that the black devil would do such a thing. He paused and said, "Good. It’s fair for you to do so."
Black fiend lifted the king’s finger to understand things, but we also solved them. Well, I’ll help you heal your woman first, and I’ll waste you later. "
When this was said, Yu Long was angry. "Why do you want to abolish my practice?"
"It’s very simple. I should kill you if you kill me and treat the people, but I never ignore life. I will think of it, except for you." Black Heavenly Devil laughed. "Your constitution is very special. Your body not only absorbs the essence of the outside world, but also has its own potential power. Don’t worry, I like to be reasonable. I will eliminate your power and I will keep it."
"No way-!"
Yu Long roared, "I will never give in to you."
"That’s your problem …" Said the black devil, and he went to the monk, but his goal was Ma Xiaomei. Ma Xiaomei’s body trembled slightly, and she angered, "Go, I don’t need your treatment."
"Little doll, do you resist me?" The black devil said, "Do you know that I can make you recover in an instant? If I don’t help you, you will be a basket case."
A monk, I think you must be very painful. "
"You are Xiaoyu’s adversary and I will never accept your help." Xiao-mei Ma bit her lip and said.
At this time, Yu Long came up and said, "Don’t resist his help. This is what he should do for me and him. That’s another matter."
"I don’t-!" Ma Xiaomei is a little stubborn. "How can I accept the help of your enemy? If I accept his help, I will have the face to see you."
"Ha ha-!" Black Heavenly Devil laughed. "You dolls are really interesting. No matter whether you accept what I should do or not, I will definitely do it. Heavenly Devil stretched out his hand and hit a white light to cage Ma Xiaomei. Then he sneered," It’s up to you! "
Ma Xiaomei has been bathed in a warm force.
At that moment, she could clearly feel that her meridians and life breath were recovering quickly.
"Let her go-!" Yu Long didn’t really believe in the dark fiend. He was worried that the dark fiend would be bad for Ma Xiaomei.
Monk Tian hurried forward to stop "Don’t be impulsive. He is really helping Xiaomei heal."
"All right-!" At this moment, the black demon took back the white light, and Ma Xiaomei’s face changed slightly. "Xiaoyu is amazing. It’s so good that I’m injured and repaired. It’s amazing that the abdomen and meridians have been completely restored."
The monk secretly palpitations. This is your master’s strength.
Knowledge is fantastic.
Almost everyone at the scene was broken by the black devil, including Yu Long.
"Thank you-!" Yu Long has always been a grudge. He went to the Black Devil to take the initiative to thank him
"You don’t have to thank me, just like you said before that this is what I should do," said the heavenly fiend. "I just got back and went to look around soon. I’m very tight. I hope we can solve our problems as soon as possible. Give up your power …"
"No way-!" The dragon sneered, "Even if I fight to the death, I will not give up my strength." It is not easy for Yu Long to have this strength today when he was a monk, and his strength also embodies too many people’s expectations
Black Heavenly Devil said, "If you don’t want to, then I’m welcome." Said Black Heavenly Devil’s hand, white light flashed again, and Long Yu hurried to the side to flash to Tianshi Fajian and immediately danced a sword curtain to protect him in the whole body.
Tian Mo said, "You are a very interesting doll. We can be friends, but you are too stubborn and don’t like stubborn people." Then he swung his fist at Yu Long and smashed Yu Long’s defense.
The gap between Yi Long Yu and Black Heavenly Devil is too big. Even the defense can’t help. Black Heavenly Devil’s boxing strength easily broke through the defense Long Yu and coughed up one mouthful blood and fell back.
The black devil is obviously a hand | mercy is not going to kill him. This blow to the dragon’s body doesn’t matter if he wipes it | The blood on the corner of his mouth will kill me. You want me to give up all my strength and dream. Let Lin maximize the increase. The fire eats the dragon whirlwind and sweeps away towards the black devil.
Dark fiend was slightly surprised.