Snow Lotus is waiting anxiously for Muqingfeng to go in outside the curtain for a long time. The people inside still have to give themselves an approval letter. When she was in the middle of her six gods, Snow Lotus heard someone coming in. She wanted to talk about "Mu Dage stayed with him …"

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Seeing Mu Chongshan following a middle-aged man, Xuelian’s voice came to an abrupt end. This is the first time she has seen Ling Wang fighting in the corner of Xinjiang. This person’s momentum is really too strong. I used to be in a high position, but I don’t know what it is like to be breathless in front of him. Seeing Xuelian’s black eyes is like being stared at by two swords. Although it looks dull as water, it is actually as cold as ice. Xuelian doesn’t know when to say Ling Wang fighting in the corner of Xinjiang.
"Grassland people are you from? !” King Ling fought in the corner of Xinjiang and looked at Xuelian’s face with disgust. Now he doesn’t hide his feelings. Xuelian’s face can’t arouse ripples in his heart.
Snow Lotus is not stupid. She immediately felt the contempt and hostility of Ling Wang, and thought that her lover and Ling Wang had sworn enemies. Snow Lotus suddenly felt that she didn’t need to be oppressed by his imposing manner, so she replied unceremoniously, "What is it? What if it’s not? Do you think summer is your home? I can leave whenever I want. Don’t be a few years older than me. You can show off in front of me. It is estimated that you will not live for three days in our grassland like you! "
Hearing the words of Xuelian, Mu Chongshan gasped at the air conditioning. This little girl really dared to say that the king of Megatron Domain Ling could not live in the grassland for three days. He was really afraid that one of them could not help but beat her out of the camp.
I didn’t expect that Ling Wang didn’t get angry at all. He was calm and said, "barbarians really don’t understand respecting the elderly and loving the young. After all, they are herding sheep and horses. I heard that you are close to Muqingfeng? Well, now you can leave him. I’ll give you three days. If you haven’t left him by then, don’t blame me. No matter how much this little guy likes you, he can’t marry a barbarian woman as his wife! "
Ling Wang seems to be saying something that should be taken for granted, but this matter will be blown up in Xuelian’s ear. Regardless of his congeniality with Mu Qingfeng, he also doesn’t say that he is married to a prairie princess and summer. Just because Ling Wang is arrogant, let this personality be like a fire woman.
Snow Lotus’s golden knife was seen before it was drawn. Mu Chongshan was injured when she held it tightly. Although she was treated simply, she still lacked strength and struggled for a few minutes. She found that her roots could not break away from Mu Chongshan, so she said, "Let go!"
"Sister, listen to my brother’s advice. I can’t be impulsive. This is the Lingwang military camp. If you do this, the soldiers around you will chop you into a paste!" Mu Chongshan is not an alarmist. The guards around Ling Wang are ready to fight.
"You let me go! Who is this old bastard who let me leave Muqingfeng? Is he my dad? I cann’t believe you’re so brazen as to order me to die today or I’m finished. Give me a break! Kill me if you have something to do, old deathlessly, and see if my husband will find you when he wakes up! What is the tomb king? Bah! " It seems that it’s not ordinary people to make Xuelian so rude.
Seeing that things are getting more and more difficult to control, Mu Chongshan simply gritted his teeth and struck Xue Lianer directly in the back of his neck. Xue Lianer was not prepared to faint directly. Mu Chongshan dared not delay in his arms, carefully put her around a fairly clean bed and then carefully covered her with a blanket. In the process, Ling Wang waited patiently for Mu Chongshan to finish all this without saying a word.
"Report, this is what you will do. You are so unhappy when you meet for the first time. Aren’t you invisible? What discovered that this girl is a prairie person and you are so excited? "I found that Ling Wang didn’t mean to start work and longed for the mountains to breathe a sigh of relief and turned around and asked.
"Did you forget how the princess died? You let me look at the prairie people calmly. Would our mausoleum and palace be like this without the prairie people? " Ling Wang was silent for a long time and finally said
Hear ling Wang Qi past ling princess Jiang Yun longing for mountains face is also a dark.
"And I asked you to lurk around Muqingfeng and tell me his every move. You didn’t tell me anything. There was a barbarian woman around him. She even said that she was Muqingfeng’s husband. Do you dare to hide these things? If you leave my mausoleum, I will take you out?" At this time, Ling Wang and Se Ling Wang just did not move, and their different faces gradually emerged with anger, and the guards around them did not know when they withdrew from the tent.
"It’s really my fault that I didn’t leave, but you can’t always look at them like this for prairie people …" Mu Chongshan tried to explain one.
"What are they? If they are barbarians, they don’t deserve our big summer play, and if I live for a day, I won’t forget that I could never be in the same sky as them in the northern Xinjiang war more than ten years ago!" Ling Wang Yue said that the more excited he was, the veins stood out. His hatred for barbarians was unforgettable.
"Report, if you hate the princess’s death, you can’t be so evasive. It’s important that you don’t send troops to the Northern Expedition without authorization, and it won’t be …" Mu Chongshan couldn’t help but tell.
"Shut up! Mu Zhongshan! " Ling Wang became angry from embarrassment and directly pulled out the waist sword. The sharp blade was placed directly on the neck of Mu Chongshan. Ling Wang urged Mu Chongshan to be beheaded a little.
"If you have any disrespect for the first emperor again, I will cut off your head and hang it at the city gate!" The king of Ling never allowed anyone to slander his dead friend even if he had made a fatal mistake.
"If you think my head is an eyesore, you can take it to me. My generation longed for the mountains and risked their lives with the report. Today, if you want me, you can say something, but you will kill me. I also want to say that if you and the emperor are not affectionate and willing to let him break the princess, she will not die or die with your flesh and blood on the battlefield!" Mu mountains don’t care about the neck sword.
The sword in the hand of the war corner became tighter and tighter, and there were a few blood stains on the neck of Mu Chongshan, but Mu Chongshan didn’t flinch and stared at his master.
"Crash" The sword in the corner of Xinjiang fell to the ground in the first world war. He seemed to be several years old. Seeing him turn his back slowly, he said softly, "You’re right, she wouldn’t have …"
Mu Chongshan heard some old voices of Ling Wang and leaned over to pick up the ground sword and handed it to the once invincible Ling Wang Zhan Yujiang. He said, "Let’s not let things go in the past. We still have time."
Zhan Yujiang took his sword and took it straight out of the camp. Before going out, he whispered, "Let Mu Qingfeng come to see me when he wakes up!"
Ling Wang, this sentence sounds more like a threat, but he doesn’t know what to think. He didn’t further force Xuelian and Mu Chongshan to return to his camp. He didn’t know what to say with Xuelian.
"I’m sorry for Snow Lotus. I didn’t expect things to become like this." Mu Chongshan said with some apologies.
Snow Lotus didn’t answer him. She longed for the mountains. She was still not light. Even if she woke up for a few hours, she would let her know that she longed for the mountains now. It is obvious that he is now more like a servant around Ling Wang.
Seeing Snow Lotus like this, Mu Chongshan said that she had nothing when she knew that she was short, so she left the camp with her fuels in her arms to the sleeping Snow Lotus. Now it is better to let her calm down.
The Chinese military doctors in Ling Wang Jun really didn’t brag. Although Mu Qingfeng was seriously injured, he was threatened in Mu Chongshan and asked them to quickly stabilize Mu Qingfeng’s injury. What Mu Qingfeng needs now is to recover.
Just as Snow Lotus and Mu Qingfeng were still recovering, Ling Wang Bujun and Xiling fighters finally joined up. When Yan Yun went to the camp, he found that Ling Wang Zhan Yu Jiang and the grand marshal Mu Chongshan were sitting in the position without saying a word. I don’t know if people or themselves suffered defeat.
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Yan Yun hardly dared to speak in such a strange atmosphere. It was a long time before he said carefully, "I report to your report that we Xiling fighters have wiped out the surrounding Japanese and all the remaining Japanese have escaped into Moping City. Would you please give me instructions?" Yan Yuelue said the smaller the sound, as if being driven into Moping City was his own team.
"From now on, you will patrol outside the city with your cavalry all the time. If you let a person escape, you will go to the stable to collect horse manure until you die!" Ling Wang bite is to let Yan Yun almost do it bit by bit. It seems that his report is in a very bad mood now, so I’d better slip away quickly.
"At the end of this will go to the end of this will go to" Yan Yun hurriedly pot away from here where there is half a cavalry general down a peg or two.
After Yan Yun left, the big tent fell into a strange silence again. It is reasonable to say that Mu Chongshan is the head of Ling Wang’s bodyguard and should not stand up to his master with confidence, but things involve Mu Qingfeng and Xue Lian’s son Mu Chongshan, who is not going to back down even if this person is high in front of him.
Perhaps it was because the atmosphere was so oppressive that I couldn’t stand it. Ling Wang and Yu Jiang took the lead in breaking this silence. "Chongshan was not too short when you were in Moping City. What is the origin of this Japanese and the stubborn old man Lu Wang?"