It’s a pity that the beautiful man is a bag of hair embroidered with pillows, although he has a well-proportioned appearance!

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Are you Wang Xibi and have you worked in Yang Jian? !
So you can ask me to give you a bath? !
"Can you call the shots, faggot?"
"No …"
"Can you predict the future?"
"Can’t …"
Ning Er slammed the table angrily. "You should know some magic, right?"
A fairy YouYouRan "invisibility, anyway, I have you a person to see …"
A little orphan girl rushes into the sky, a magic pen shows off some chivalrous men, and even the monk Zhengtai has been recruited.
How does it look like a fairy partner?
Chapter then to then
In addition to these five sects, even if they barely rank sixth and fifth, they are a lot worse.
In fact, the highest standard to measure strength is not how many brothers there are, but how many high-end practitioners there are.
The more difficult it is to practice immortality, the more chance and luck are needed every time the realm rises. Although there are many people who have soared from ancient times to modern times, the span at that time is tens of millions of years. It is a great thing if one or two people soar in a hundred years.
In the Mahayana period of practice, you can say that you have an immortal body. Even if you are killed by a yogi, you can bring your spiritual knowledge and part of your mana back to your previous life. If you reach the Du Jie period, you can say that there is no rival who can hurt them. I’m afraid it’s the last Armageddon or two people in the Du Jie period are fighting with each other, but at this time, your spiritual knowledge is immortal. Even if the furnace tripod is beheaded, it will be hurt. It will be easy to find a suitable furnace tripod and it will be restored soon.
And these last few realms are higher than each other, and the gap between each layer is greater than that of a huge spiritual sect. If there is such a realm, it is impossible for idle people such as senior practitioners to be provoked. Most spiritual sects have such superior people.
It is these people who concentrate on waiting for the apocalypse at this time, and will no longer interfere with the worldly people to entangle karma and cause and effect.
No one knows what the Armageddon really represents, and what is the thunderbolt bombardment? Or what kind of robbery? There are two kinds of fields to rob people, one is to soar to immortality, the other is to be hurt by the natural disaster, and the other is to describe the natural disaster in detail to future generations.
After reaching this state, most people will choose to avoid the world, either refining one or two magic weapons to protect themselves when waiting for robbery, or refining their own body furnace, or knowing the grievances of the Jianghu and pestering them, and they will no longer ask.
But don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask, these people still have deterrence. For example, just like modern nuclear weapons, no one will really make it, but the gap between countries and no countries is not as big as usual
The withered and glorious master of Chongxuan Temple shook Li Jing away from the sky in Lianyue Mountain, but after his soaring, his three brothers, Wan Hua, Hua Hua and Sheng Hua, successively entered the realm of robbery. Since then, the three masters have stopped asking about the spiritual world and concentrated on diving to soar, but the three masters have also laid the foundation for the first faction in Chongxuan Temple.
Taiyimen and Tianxing Pavilion each have a Du Jie master, and they also have several Mahayana real people in their sect. It is unknown how many outsiders there are. Naturally, they will not take the initiative to expose them, but they have also established two or three positions.
The main body of Divorce Palace is a Mahayana master. It is said that she has already reached the Du Jie period, but this person keeps a low profile and never leaves the Divorce Palace. The practice circle never makes public and ranks fourth.
Yu Yaowang Door just two years ago, the door owner Luan Songtao just stepped into Mahayana’s real world and ranked fifth.
Let alone the Mahayana realm of the remaining sects, there are almost no people in the fitting period, but it is said that the Five Elements Sect actually has a high realm of seclusion, but he doesn’t want the world to meet. Even the five elements brothers don’t know this, but they have increased their chips in the sixth place of the Five Elements Sect.
Wu Cangyue is crazy to say such things in front of so many people at this time, but if it seems to the practitioners in heaven, it is right. Compared with Taiyimen, the Five Elements Sect is far worse than …
Xuan Ji’s eyes squinted slightly and shone like a poisonous snake. "Cang Yue, my good nephew, are you looking down on my five elements?"
Wu Cangyue laughed. "How can I look down on Guizong when Xuanji’s head is joking? Being in the sixth place in the world is quite prestigious. It’s a matter of fact. The Five Elements Sect is really not me. Besides, I’m the future head of the Taiyi Sect. What’s the difference between asking me to bow down to you and asking Taiyi Sect to bow down to the Five Elements Sect? My uncle is a little confused when he is old. Don’t take it seriously. "
"But you came to my five elements to put such crazy words. If we react to the five elements, we will be laughed at by the practitioners! My dear nephew, when the words are spoken today, you should know that this method is good. We will perform the method according to the rules of the yogi. If my dear nephew loses, he will kowtow and apologize in front of my five-element ancestor. If I lose, I will leave freely with my dear nephew. If you want to clean up Li Feiyang, we will also rely on you. "
When Xuanji said this, Li Feiyang immediately hated the old fox! Although I know that it is impossible for Xuanji to hand himself over and go to the Ya Heart Sutra, he will not do that, but Li Feiyang’s heart is not happy.
Wu Cang Yue smiled at the leader. Do you want me to do it myself? Then the younger generation will admit that it’s not your opponent. Tut-tut, the five elements are really outstanding and distinguished, and a group of leaders will personally compete with me. It’s really approachable. "
"Put your mother dog smelly fart! To deal with you, you bastard, you still have to be shot by our head? The elite of our younger brothers come forth in large numbers. Just find someone out and you will be beaten to death! Somebody go and call my eldest brother, Yan Peng. "
Speaking is the fire clan elder Huo Shuang. Others are the most grumpy. At this moment, I can’t stand Wu Cang Yue’s arrogance. I will call my brother to play.
"Wait a minute!" Xuanji waved his hand to stop him. Obviously, he thinks more than Huo Shuang. If today’s events are going to win the reputation of two sects, he can’t rest assured that he will just hand them over to Yan Peng. After a little hesitation, he turned to look at the Taoist priest Yu Ge and let the disciples Xiao hurt. What do you think? "
Taoist fisherman’s cold face doesn’t wave, but when he looks at Wu Cangyue, his eyes are shining and he doesn’t hesitate to nod "good"
A little while later, a younger brother called Xiao Shang to the hall. After seeing the elders, Xuan Ji told him to come here.
Xiao wound readily agreed to pose in the hall to learn from Wu Cangyue.
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Chapter 9 Serial ()
"Wait," Xuanji waved his hand. "This is the five elements welcoming hall. You can’t use force here. You two should go to the martial arts field with us. In addition, the elders should call a younger brother. At this time, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from each other, which also hurts their eyes."
Xuanji called Xiao Shang to his side and quietly said something to him. Xiao Shang listened, and his face slowly sank to give Wu Cang Yue a cold look.
Wu Cangyue corners of the mouth slightly become warped peep out one silk smile.
The brothers of the five clans were quickly called to the martial arts field, and they were very excited to learn that Xiao Shang was going to compete with the head brother of Taiyi Gate, guessing who would win.
Do you think Brother Xiao can win? Taiyimen is a big school of practice. The strength of the head brother should not be weak, right? "
"Nonsense! Brother Xiao is sure to win. Don’t forget that he is so young, but will there be another one? This time, our five elements are going to show up. "
"Is that you don’t want to if brother Xiao can’t win our owners can let him go to the competition? Don’t worry, this competition must be to make Brother Xiao famous … "
A group of younger brothers are still discussing. Xiao Shang and Wu Cang Yue have already left the arms drill stage.
Xiao injured his green flute and smiled at Wu Cangyue’s friend. It’s so bold to come to my five elements to do such a crazy thing! You are a guest from afar, please advise. "
Wu Cangyue’s sword fell behind him and smiled at Xiao. "I’ve heard for a long time that Brother Xiao of the Five Elements has amazing strength. It’s a blessing to have this opportunity to learn from each other today."
"Say more benefits Wu Daoyou please" Xiao hurt a hand light way
Wu Cangyue nodded and raised the sword to the front and gently stabbed a sword at Xiao’s injury.
The distance between the two people is one foot. In such a range, Wu Cangyue’s sword can’t stab Xiao, but Wu Cangyue’s seemingly easy hand to Xiao’s injury is a big change in face. The green flute in his hand moves around in front of him, and when the younger brothers tinkle, they will see that Xiao’s injury has been retreating for five or six steps before stabilizing his body.
What’s going on here? The faces of the five elements’ brothers are now surprised, while those who are not weak in repair are shocked. Xiao Shang easily defeated Deng Yunlong. They have all seen it, and the owner personally said that he had already repaired the elixir, but he was repelled by the other side with a relaxed freehand brushwork and a sword. What’s even weirder is that they don’t know each other’s methods.
And all the elders are gloomy and worried. This Cang Yue Wu’s strength really surprises them. Xiao can be forced to retreat only with firm but gentle form. Then his strength should have reached the realm of returning to nature. If it were not for the stability of then, it would not be so powerful.
So young at the end of the elixir? Is Tai Yi’s younger brother really so tough?
Li Feiyang knew something was wrong when Xuanji let Xiao Shang compete with Wu Cang Yue. Wu Cang Yue had already touched the threshold of Yuan infant’s strength. Xiao Shang obviously could not be his opponent, but this is not a problem. He doesn’t believe Xuanji, the old fox, can’t see the depth of Wu Cang Yue, but why did he let Xiao Shang go to bring disgrace to oneself?
Li Feiyang thought of here and looked at the CV 21. As a result, I didn’t expect that CV 21 was looking at his face and gave me a meaningful smile.
This old thing is going to harm people again … Although Li Feiyang didn’t have long contact with Xuan Ji, he has a basic understanding of his style. He can’t be so insulted by Wu Cang Yue and still be indifferent. Now he can do this and can say that he has gone further.