Ding hammer took the photo of his mother, gently put it in his pocket and clenched his hands. "I heard what you just said, and I know what to do."

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After he finished, he held the ham in his hand and "trust me once"
"Come on, don’t be sour." Ham sausage shakes the hammer hand. "Do what you want."
Fixed hammer, hey hey, a joy. "That guy’s leg hasn’t been abolished yet."
"Is that grade really important?"
"It’s not that the important keys are unpleasant." The hammer stretched himself. "But it’s so called. Let’s leave a shadow for him."
Then he got up and said to Samuel, "Get ready. I’m going to the capital of the third district."
Sausage zheng "what are you going to do? Do you know what will happen if they catch you again? "
"You mean the end of the sky?" The hammer laughed. "How dare they!"
Then the virtual shadow behind the hammer slowly swells out, opens his hand lazily, and then looks down at the ham and says nothing.
"This guy is not good at pinching persimmons." Ding Hammer pointed back. "They haven’t the guts to move him yet. We’ll go as soon as he’s ready."
"You’re really careless." Samuel squinted and laughed. "So you’re leaving?"
"No, I have one more thing to do." Ding Hammer seemed to suddenly think of something. "We’ll leave when it’s done."
And Samuel looked at the hammer and looked at his eyes. Suddenly he felt a gust of evil wind and gave birth to a strange feeling in his heart. I don’t know if it was ominous or ominous.
On the afternoon of the same day, the whole seventh district suddenly entered the state of readiness, and the production capacity of various factories reached nearly 70%. All production was given priority to the troops, and an emergency meeting was held with other heads of non-aligned countries. Then a large number of soldiers from the seventh district were stationed in the occupied area of the sixth district.
The movements in the third and seventh districts have caused panic in most countries in the world. Many small countries are looking for backers and big countries are also looking for self-protection. The atmosphere is tense and pervades the planet.
At the same time, the hammer was wearing and knocked on the door of the most ordinary family in forgotten one …
"How do you do? What can I do for you? "
A girl of 14 or 15 always makes people feel alive. Her eyes are full of shadows, but her eyes are full of vigilance and anxiety.
"I look so scary?"
The girl nodded slightly, a little nervous, and took a step back against the door. "My mother is not at home today, please come back sometime?"
Ding hammer touched the bar. "Well, I’m from the government. We have a document from your father that needs to be handed over. If you think it’s appropriate, we can go to a place with more people. Your mother doesn’t need you to help me determine the situation."
When the girl heard the word father, her eyes suddenly lit up. After hammering out the plan, she hesitated for a while and then nodded in agreement.
"Let’s go. You can take me anywhere." I raised my hand with a file bag containing Samuel’s information. "I need you to answer some questions and verify these documents."
The sky was bright and the hammer was getting serious. The girl in the crowded place didn’t think too much. She just put on her coat and followed the hammer out and took him to a familiar sweet shop.
"Do you usually like to come here?" Ding hammer sighed in his heart, because this store is part of Miao’s personal investment chain restaurant, and her daughter, who has not met for a long time, is a regular customer here. This is a dramatic plot.
"The beef rice here is the same as my father’s cooking. I like coming here."
"Your father" fixed the hammer and handed the document to the girl. "He is a hero."
Chapter 147 When needed ()
"But he’s been dead for years."
The girl lowered her head slightly and stirred the rice on the plate with a dignified expression. "She left without saying hello, and after a few years, someone told my mother and me that he was dead."
Ding hammer said, "But he is a hero."
"Who wants him to be a hero!" The girl suddenly looked up and looked stubborn "even a hero? Can a hero be a meal? "
"You can’t say that," Ding Hammer smiled dryly. "If your father was a coal digger or a waterway digger, would you care?"
"Have you ever had a father?" The girl’s personality is exactly the same as Miao’s. This sentence has to be hammered for a long time and I don’t know what to say. "Do you know who your father is? Either he is a hero or he is an ordinary worker. Does it make a big difference? The key is yes and no, even if my father is the president, but he is gone, I can’t see him. What does it matter? "
The hammer whistled, "Okay, look at this information. I’m sorry."
Then he handed the girl a tissue. "If your father appears again, can you accept him?"
"If he can be resurrected, he can have him or my father." The girl was a little excited and there were tears in her eyes. "But he can’t come back."
Dinghammer sighed and said to the girl in a low voice, "Can you keep me a secret when I talk to you from now on?"
The girl zheng and then silently nodded "can"
"I believe you, and if it is leaked …" Dinghammer looked very serious and gestured with his hand and neck. "We will both … you know."
"Ah …" The girl was obviously scared, but her natural curiosity brought her closer to the hammer. "Really?"
Ding Hammer nodded solemnly and then cleared his throat. "Our organization is planning to complete a project called Hero Resurrection, so that those senior soldiers can return to this world. You also know that this kind of resurrection from the dead will have a great impact on social ethics. If you reveal it, it will really be silenced."
The girl hastily nodded her head while covering her mouth and looked around. "Your father, Mr. Miao, will be the first soldier to be resurrected, and after inheriting the genes and memories before, we will make corresponding age changes according to his actual age, so it looks like the same effect as if he had not died or been missing for many years."
The girl’s eyes widened in disbelief and she looked at the hammer while covering her mouth. "Is this … really possible?"
"So I’ll ask my family for advice, and we’ll try our best to reduce the social impact to the limit. I want to find your mother, but I think she is too old to accept it. I decided to find you, and after your father was resurrected, we’ll make up the memory of his death over the years to fill his years … are you white?"
"white! White! " The girl’s face turned red with excitement. "That is to say, everything he told us is an illusion, right?"
"The important thing is that he can come back." Dinghammer stared at the girl’s eyes. "Right?"
"A smart girl like you should know how to tell your mother, right?"
"well! I know! "
"Okay, the shortest day, the longest day. Get ready for dad."
"Really? So fast! " The girl got excited and shouted, "Can he really come back? !”
The hammer frowned and then made a gesture of silence at her. The girl suddenly felt rude and hurriedly pressed her skirt to sit back in her position. Her hands pressed her chest to forcibly calm her heartbeat.
"I want you to sign" pointed to the file "Just sign"
The girl rushed to sign seven copies of the information department, and even two of them tore the paper because of too much force.
"Well, I have several heroes’ families to visit your address. We have already mastered your address. Don’t worry." Ding Hammer ha ha smiled. "By the way, although Mr. Miao has been resurrected, his nervous system is still fragile. I hope you can not get too excited as if nothing had happened."
Don’t forget that my daughter hurried back to the office with a hammer, and then called Miao, who was making the plan at the first time, and touched him. "Well, do you have any new clothes?"
"You don’t go looking for trouble? We’re leaving tomorrow. I have a lot of things to do. "