But she can’t consider anything at this time, and how can Qing Mu Gong pity her child!

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Tears surge out. It’s the first time that Qing Mu Gong has found this woman can cry like this. She has cried a lot these days, and if she cries again, she will cry blind. Such a beautiful pair of eyes.
I can’t help feeling a little pity in my heart. It’s her body that stands out. My stomach just pressed directly on her body without taking care of anything.
At this time, he evacuated most of his weight, although he was still in a position just now, but he didn’t let her feel too uncomfortable.
Sighing lightly, he bowed his head and covered her lips, gently tossing and turning, tasting it bit by bit, almost unable to stop, and swallowing her tears into her stomach.
Qing Mu Gong let go of his hands and let her be free. The lip is still tightly attached to her lips.
"If you want to know that Feng Jiang’s clothes are falling, it’s not impossible to serve me well tonight. Giving you the body of Feng Jiang’s clothes is what you mean by waiting in my mouth!"
The big deal is to dig the grave of phoenix purple clothes. A man who has been dead for four days stinks even if his body doesn’t rot. Can he still cling to it like a baby?
"Really give it back to me?" Chang Xiangsi asked
Qing Mu Gong’s mind sank, and a phoenix-red dress made her willing to ruin her innocence.
It’s just a corpse. Can she do this to him?
More important than her life?
"Yes, I’ll give you back your pink clothes early tonight."
If you want her, you can trade!
Acacia closed her eyes heavily and opened them again with a firm look in her eyes. She nodded gently.
"Well, I promise you that I will accompany you for one night and you will return the phoenix red clothes to me completely."
No matter what, she can’t let Feng Jiang’s clothes fall into the hands of Qing Mu Gong and die!
It’s just to accompany him for one night and treat him as a phoenix-red dress, even if she feels uncomfortable again, she will insist on going.
"Come and cancel the trip!"
Outside came Qin Xiangxiang’s voice "Yes!"
"Since you want this woman so badly, I will help you achieve your wish, and I will not let her escape tonight!"
Qin Xiangxiang has had some thoughts in his mind.
Green Mu Gong looked at the pale and stubborn little face in front of him and smiled low. The tip of his nose gently touched her. Although he can’t help wanting her now, he will wait for a beautiful night.
"Although I don’t want to threaten you, you are always a headache. I did this because you forced me to come to the wedding night. It’s your wedding night. You owe me a wedding candle and pay it back tonight."
He came and wanted to save it until he returned to Nanyong and asked for a wedding night when she was crowned queen, but now he can’t wait.
Once this woman wings her, it will be hard.
Chang Xiangsi closed her eyes in despair, and now she has asked for a safe child and a return of Feng Jiang’s clothes.
Even if Feng Jiang Yi is dead, she will keep his body by her side.
Go to him when she gives birth to the baby safely!
Death will not separate them unless she doesn’t love them
Chang Xiangsi quietly closed his eyes. If Qing Mu Gong wants to go, he will only get her body.
Green Mu Gong gently put his lips on her forehead and left her body.
"Stay in your room and tell Qin Xiangxiang if necessary. She will arrange everything and be my woman tonight!"
Green Mu Gong got up and left with a smile.
Green Mu Gong went out of the door and immediately called several men wearing masks and dark shirts.
"I’ll dig up the body of Feng Jiang’s clothes early in the morning and send it here with the coffin!"
Although he feels unlucky, he often misses it. If you want to see it, go and see it!
It is the thought of a person who has been dead for two days that makes her feel a sense of diaphragmatic response.
But even so, he still can’t let go of this woman, and she can get possession and stay with him.
No one is going to take her away from him!
In the evening, I often miss you when I go out for public affairs, and I have a dinner alone. Qin Xiangxiang has prepared a warm bath.