"spell attacks have also been reduced."

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An Xiaoya also quickly found out.
This monster has a double reduction in spell physical attacks!
"These features add up to more than an ordinary leader-level BOSS, which is almost equal to the Lord BOSS!" Xiaowan is surprised.
However, he is an elite monster.
Not a Lord.
"That can be an attack with low blood volume."
An Xiaoya’s calm analysis
Xiao Hu can’t agree with this more.
"Although there are advantages in defense, the blood volume is too low to help!"
They’ve only been playing for a while, and this blood volume has actually dropped by more than ten percent!
"That seems to be better!" Xiaowan is at ease.
"Although there are many features, they are all not so good. No wonder they are a little elite geek!"
An Xiaoya nodded and gave high approval to Xiao Wan’s idea.
Then the elite monster was killed by them like chopping melons and vegetables.
This strange forced invisibility was blown up by everyone’s casual skills 2.
There is no other ability except this.
Even the blood volume is low. Poor thing.
When this monster died, dropping something shocked everyone!
"skills? Blessing must be forced to be invisible! "
AnXiaoYa quickly looked at the YanMing.
She believes that Yin Minghong’s hands will definitely get the skills she wants!
Yes, this monster has two skills besides some seemingly normal things and money!
Yin Ming lived up to expectations and went to touch the body.
Then live up to expectations and pulled out a strong hidden skill.
Forced stealth assassin’s exclusive special skills
Forced into stealth in combat
Visual negative state
1min when cooling is consumed.
Everything is exactly the same as the monster except that it cools longer than the monster!
This skill is really awesome!
However, everyone will know in a second.
What do you mean, there is no bunker, there is a bunker!
Forced Stealth Skill Level +2
This is all that says.
Three thousand crows killed two students, dropped Qiang Yin, and then dropped it, adding 2 to the skill level.
"How to hide what characteristics in Level 3?"
Xiaowan looked at the three thousand crows with great interest.
3,000 crows killed me, looked at my skill bar in surprise, and then-
"Two minutes less when cooling!"
"Oh my God! If you are at level 1, can you limit your casual concealment? "
Xiaowan quickly thought of this.
However, things are not so simple.
"This skill may have this strange ability to explode."
"And the probability of this strange appearance may be very low."
"Even if it appears, it may not just happen to be met by us."
"If you hit it and die, you may not be able to explode again."
"Said comprehensive above …"
Xiaohu immediately spat out a series of words from his mouth.
Small instantaneous was hit by "this skill is not me! Do I want to think about it? "
She mumbled and ran to AnXiaoYa for comfort.
"But let people guard this side. What if?"
An Xiaoya is still more concerned about this.
The improvement of each person’s fighting capacity in the team is an improvement for her whole team.