Yip hon wry smile this turn "Ningwu, go with the expeditionary force for a while will definitely not come back, but the boss ordered us to go to Qiongzhou. If nothing unexpected happens, there must be an assault ship waiting for us when we get back."

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South Zhuo Yi face tangled "captain that I armor …"
Luo jiaqi hold south zhuo to yip hon said "captain, we can’t always be so pretty? Do you want to contact the head and ask when the new ship will be in place? "
Yip hon looked at Luo qi and smiled. "then let’s ask?"
Luo Qi immediately nodded and others agreed with Yip Han’s smile. "Well, I’ll ask!" Say that finish turned to his armor.
Yip Han steps to the decomposition state. Armored leg armor, arm armor and breastplate are folded one by one. The helmet is fastened last, and then the high-speed self-inspection of the operating system is started, and all normal conclusions are quickly drawn.
Although the military camp is located in the ground, Ye Hanqi quickly established a link with China Satellite. "A special group calls Beiyuezhou, and a special group calls Beiyuezhou. Please respond!"
A few seconds later, Ye Han received a reply with a little noise. "Beiyuezhou received a special group. Go ahead!" Answering the communication is a beautiful female soldier.
"I am Commander Yip Han-wu. Is it convenient?"
"Wait a minute, I’ll ask for instructions … Commander Wu is convenient for me to transfer you!"
Ear heard a few noises and then yip hon heard Wu Han sound "yip hon? I’m Wu Han. What can I do for you? "
"Chief, you know our situation? Without the ship, we are currently stranded in Funing and can’t reach Qiongzhou as planned. I’d like to ask what we should do next. Continue to Nanqiongzhou or temporarily stay in Funing? "
Wu Han was silent for a moment. "Leave Funing for the time being."
"Yes!" Yip Han immediately agreed, but Ma asked, "Chief, what is it that we leave Funing?"
"Not yet," Wu Han said. "Just wait and see."
Isn’t this an arbitrary answer? What do you mean, wait for an opportunity?
He quickly asked, "Chief, I am not very white!"
Wu Han said, "The current situation is a bit complicated. Do you know the current situation?"
"I know that a little swarm attacks many cities in North America, Europe and Asia at the same time!"
"For Funing, it is the only city in China where people have been attacked by insects. Up to now, we are still not sure what the purpose of the city attacked by insects is. The first thing is to keep Funing and then say that he is as simple as that."
"white!" Ye Hanli answered on the ground, but his horse asked, "Chief, shall we temporarily be under the command of Funing or continue to be under the command of the headquarters?"
"This also ask? Of course, the headquarters will continue to command you. Do you want Funing to command you? "
"Where can I!" Ye Hanma changed his smile. "I’m not worried about this!"
Wu Han tugged at the corners of his mouth. "All right, let’s just do it."
"Don’t don’t head, I have work!" Yip hon hurriedly stop.
"Speak quickly!"
"That what Ningwu number is not transferred? When will we get another assault ship? Ammunition can still be solved, but if the armor is broken, there is no place to repair it, which will affect the combat effectiveness too much! "
Wu Han smell speech frowned "this problem … have to wait"
There is a door!
Yip hon immediately realized that haing s ngor HuaLiYouHua hurriedly strike while the iron is hot "chief, you can give me a bottom or I this lack …"
"Are you talking to me about tongue twisters?" Wu Han grumpily said and hesitated, "There is definitely no ready-made assault ship, but the track factory is urgently refitting a transport ship’s equipment, and it has been almost installed. After debugging a device in a few days, it should be able to send it."
"Great!" Yip hon almost jumped up. "How many days?"
"If it takes three to five days, I don’t know when to inform you."
Yip hon expression cried the collapse of intentional ask again, but it’s time to ask Wu Han again.
While Wu Han didn’t say the end, Yip Han quickly asked, "I know something about Funing, the head of the company. Can you tell me about it abroad?"
"Why do you ask this?"
Yip hon smile apologetically "I this is not leave Funing? It is a reference to see how many foreign countries fight. "
Wu Han was silent for a moment "the situation is very bad"
Ye Hanxiao gathered "Which direction?"
"It’s not so good in either direction," Wu Han said. "Let me tell you this: if the swarm attacks more than a dozen cities at the same time, Funing will play the best. Those cities abroad are all very hard, and there are several places where the swarm calls more than half, and the losses are very great in both America and Europe."