"Sister Tong, why are you here?" Jenny suddenly took a fright behind me and I almost exclaimed.

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I quickly turned around and made a silent gesture at her, then dragged her to the secret desk. "Well, don’t tell manager Zou that I’m coming. I’ll go to the secret room first." I was just about to turn around when Jenny grabbed my hand and frowned and asked, "Are those online recently true?"
"Do you care if he is true or false?"
"I’m worried, aren’t you?" Jenny looked serious.
I gave her a wink. "Do I look like someone?"
Jenny’s eyes flashed a few layers of mascara. "So those are all fake?"
Chapter three hundred and twenty-six Pick up a person who should have picked up a long time ago
Jenny’s eyes flashed a few layers of mascara. "So those are all fake?"
I gave her a simulated ambiguous look and went to the secret room. Zou Chen said that the secret room had not been recruiting people, and my station was still there.
As soon as I entered the secret room, Meng Jie and Genie Chen all looked up and stared at me like an alien.
"Hello, two beautiful women," so I said hello to them easily. "I’m back to work."
Both of them were amazed.
"Why don’t you welcome me back?"
Genie Chen blinked and got up and walked over. "Sister Tong, do you really want to come back to class?"
"Well" I chuckled.
"Then how embarrassed you are with manager Zou." Genie Chen understood with a look. "I wouldn’t come if I were you."
Genie Chen whispered, "It’s always a bit awkward to meet again every day after breaking up, and … you’re not afraid of gossiping from the company."
"Yes, Sister Tong, if I were you, I would never come back. If I have a new love, I will kick you back. He will continue to work hard and be criticized by the company every day." Meng Jie echoed indignantly.
Er ….. It seems that this network’ Xuan’ effect is so good that even they believe it.
I smiled and didn’t explain. "It’s okay. We have a good reunion and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about."
Two people looked at me, eyes almost fell off.
At this moment, my desk phone rang suddenly, and I picked it up conveniently.
"Sister Zou always said she was going out." Jenny called in front.
"got it"
I hung up and waved away at Xuanxuan and Mengjie. "I’m in a hurry. I’ll talk to you another day."
Two people completely confused by me.
When I got out of the secret room, I hurried to the secret desk. "Jenny, are you sure Zou always has to go out?"
What’s he doing out in his grumpy state?
"I think he’s wearing a coat. Generally, he doesn’t wear a coat in his building. He must be going out." Jenny looked at me. "He looks very pale and asked me to cancel all the meetings today."
I’m a little uneasy when I think about what he just said.
"Jenny, I’ll go first." Then I ran to the corridor
"Hey, why don’t you go there by ladder?" Jenny shouted behind her.
"The ladder is too slow", I pushed the corridor door and ran to the twentieth floor to take the ladder. When Zou Chen took that ladder, he reached the tenth floor. I desperately pressed another ladder and had a brainwave. I took out my cell phone from my bag and called him again. It took me a long time to pick it up.
"Where is it?" I try not to gasp.
"I didn’t see what you said just now." His voice was deep and he couldn’t recognize the anger. "I have to go out for a trip now, and I may be late."
"When you come back late recently," I can’t help but feel a little cold when I think of that photo.
At the other end, I heard him take a deep breath. I’ll go back as soon as possible if I can finish it later.
At this time, the ladder finally came. I stepped in and said, "Where are you going now?"
"I’m going to clean up someone who should have been cleaned up a long time ago." Zou Chen said in a light tone, but there was a chill.
I thought he wouldn’t go to settle accounts with Han Yu, would he?
"I’ll hang up and talk to you later."
"Hey …"
A man always hangs up so fast.
When the ladder reached the first floor, I flew out. Where was Zou Chenying angry with me? I called Xiao Liu and couldn’t get through.
I was spinning around on the first floor, but I couldn’t think of any way to forget it. I’ll go back and ask him later.
I was about to come out from Hengyuan when I met Yuan Ni at the gate. She saw me at the door with food in her hand and then walked slowly.
"Isn’t this Miss Lin? Are you looking for Brother Zou?" She smiled sweetly, but it didn’t reach her eyes.
I’m a little disdainful to look at her from beginning to end, but it’s a bit of a taste in her dress. Is her smile a little too fake?
"How did Miss Yuan come here?" I asked coldly.
She picked up her hand and laughed at the arch eyebrows. "I’ll send some snacks to Brother Zou." She looked at people’s harm storage.
I looked at her coldly and said, "Miss Yuan is so difficult that I don’t know if he has a fiancee. Isn’t it a bit bad for you to do so?"
Yuan Ni’s lip angle is hooked to meet my eyes with a sneer. "As far as I know, Zou Dage just got divorced, there is no fiancee." She glanced at me with disdain. "Even Ouyang Xue Gu Bobo didn’t look at the situation. I advise you not to leave him early, and the injury will be worse."
Ha, this woman can’t really see her, can she? She’s really confident.
"Really? Then I really want to thank Miss Yuan."
"Being a woman, I’ve never been difficult … a person with a lower status than me." Her face was still smiling when she said this.
My eyes can’t help but shrink. Is this woman not as sweet as she looks on the outside? There are thorns in her words. If she is not hostile to her, I can’t see that she would still say such sarcastic words.
"Miss Yuan’s identity is really noble, but it can be seen from your mouth that it is not noble in your bones." I waved at her and walked over to the main road
"Miss Lin is expensive because you know you are good at yourself." Yuan Ni made a big speech.
I stopped the car when I didn’t hear it, so I left.
Just taking a taxi, my cell phone rang in my bag. It was Liu Zhengnan who called. I guess he didn’t trust me.
I picked up the phone and he was about to speak when I interrupted him. I told him that my horse would go back and hung up.
Just now, when I was in a hurry, I said I wouldn’t go to the company for the week, and I didn’t even hand it over. Now I’ll go back and finish the rest and explain it to my pro-assistant, so I can retire.
When I went back to Liu Zhengnan, he still saw me in the company. I looked very calm and seemed relieved, but I didn’t dare to work in Zou Chen.
I gave him a brief report on the personnel training in recent days. Lu Zhengnan listened carefully. After listening, let me inform you that it is a meeting to meet with you. It is also a celebration that the head of the company went out for dinner late.