Mother said, "Your father made a sword for the king of Chu for several years before casting it, but the king of Chu was angry and killed him. When he left, he told me to’ tell your son to go out and look behind the long stone sword tree of Nanshan pine tree’"

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When you go out and look at the south, you can’t see any mountains, but you can see the stones beside the pine column in front of the house.
The red axe split the stone and finally got the male sword, so he desperately wanted revenge on the king of Chu.
One day, in a dream, the king of Chu saw a man with eyebrows a foot wide and his appearance was extraordinary, and he said he would take revenge.
The king of Chu immediately offered a reward for his arrest. Hearing this, the man fled and hid in the mountains to sing.
A chivalrous man heard his sad songs in the mountains and asked him, "Why are you crying so sadly at a young age?"
The man said, "I’m a lieutenant. King Chu of Mo Xie killed my father, and I will avenge my father’s death."
The chivalrous man said, "I heard that the king of Chu offered a reward for buying your head with your head and sword, and you avenged this."
The man said, "Great!"
Immediately cut his neck and commit suicide, holding his head and male sword in his hands and dedicating it to the chivalrous man, while his body stood stiffly and died without falling down.
Chivalrous man said, "I won’t fail you."
Say it before the body falls.
The knight-errant took the man’s head and went to see the king of Chu, who was very happy.
The chivalrous man said, "This is the warrior’s head. It should be cooked in a hot pot."
The king of Chu cooked his head according to the chivalrous words, but he couldn’t cook it for three days and three nights. Suddenly, he jumped out of the hot water pot and stared at it with great anger.
The chivalrous man said, "This man’s head can’t be cooked rotten. I hope the King of Chu will come and look at it personally, so his head will surely rot."
The king of Chu immediately approached the chivalrous male sword and cut the head of the king of Chu and immediately fell into the hot water pot; The chivalrous man cut off his own head and fell into the hot water pot.
The three heads went into the hot water pot again, biting each other to pieces, and they couldn’t identify each other separately, so that they could be separated and buried together, and their tombs were also called "the tombs of the three kings".
Ji Tianci picked up the slate and said to Ye Xiangdong, "This slate is written in ancient Chinese characters, but after people simplified it, some words became different, just like the difference between traditional Chinese characters and simplified Chinese characters.
I can guess the meaning of these simplified words carefully.
Slate said that the red lieutenant and Mo Xie, the son of the lieutenant, and the king of Mo Xie, both’ repaired’. The king of Chu forced the lieutenant to sacrifice his body and refine it into a sword. He fought in all directions.
In order to save his wife and children, the former blacksmith jumped into the furnace and finally sacrificed the male sword. Before the sacrifice, he cut off a long hair and gave it to his wife and children.
When Chi grew up, Mo Xie told him all about it, and he practiced hard every day with a grudge and was bent on revenge. Finally, he felt that he would assassinate the king of Chu after his achievement.
Mo Xie told his son,’ The King of Chu is very powerful, but you can’t fight him’.
Red unwilling to assassinate the king of Chu.
Mo Xie knew that he couldn’t stop him, so he finally learned to jump into the melting pot while he was not paying attention, and made his sacrifice into a female sword, and also left a long hair.
When Chi saw the female sword, he was so sad that he hated the king of Chu even more. He broke into the palace with the female sword, and people were able to resist him. As a result, the male sword did not listen to the king of Chu, and finally the male and female swords killed the king of Chu together.
After killing the king of Chu, Chi lived in seclusion in Nanshan and married and gave birth. When he reached his twilight years, he turned his parents’ long hair into a piece of black iron and wrote this story.
The male and female double swords were exposed to future generations, but he didn’t want future generations to repeat the same mistakes, so he didn’t give them cultivation skills
He deliberately left this black iron. If a chivalrous man gets it, he can also find the double swords of men and women. He doesn’t want to bury them in the hands of future generations. His parents’ hair has been refined out of this black iron. The black iron double swords are all from the lieutenant Mo Xie and his wife. They have a little connection with the black iron and can also find the double swords. "
JiTianCi finish room was silent.
Li Fanzhi took the lead in opening his mouth with a deep look. "I believe that when I say chivalrous man, I mean me. Let’s go find Mo Xie’s double sword!"
Ye Xiangdong was angry when you listen. He picked up the "black iron" and handed it to Li Fanzhi. "You go and find it! If you were a chivalrous man, this steel plate would have felt it. "
Li Fanzhi smiled awkwardly and didn’t take the steel plate, which he had studied for a long time and didn’t work out why.
Ji Tianci then asked Li Fanzhi, "What level are you extraordinary?"
Li Fanzhi was surprised and then proudly said, "Although I am a B-class extraordinary, I once won the second place in the intellectual competition."
"You didn’t discover the secret of this steel plate either?"
Li Fanzhi is weak and "well". "Not only I am A-class extraordinary, but I also think it is an ordinary steel plate. If Elymus hadn’t stopped me, I would have melted it to see if there was anything hidden in it."
Ji Tianci took the steel plate and observed it carefully before and after, left and right. After a while, he looked at the grain on the back of the steel plate again.
After watching it for a while, Ji Tianci found it strange that the lines behind it seem to be different. The lines on the left side and the lines on the right side seem to be different in "texture", just like those who repair the soul of heaven and those who repair the soul of earth. If these lines are hair, the left side looks like the hair of the soul of heaven, and the right side looks like the hair of the soul of earth.
It’s a pity that the present method has brought heaven through the eyes, otherwise you will definitely see the mystery.
Thought of here, Ji Tianci suddenly put the steel plate back on the table and then pressed his right hand on the right half of the steel plate.
Li Fanzhi and Ye Xiangdong were really puzzled when suddenly they were surprised to find that the grain on the right half of the steel plate began to change.
These vertical lines are elongated or shortened, and then they are combined to form a small sword shape, and then the tip of the sword points to the northwest, while the grain on the left side is still.
Ji Tianci is mentally injected into the right half of the steel plate. Presumably, the direction pointed by the small sword is the position of Mo Xie. It is also the "Mo Xie" that the steel plate "tells" him that Ji Tianci can feel the general position of "Mo Xie"
He put the end of the steel plate flat in his hand and then rotated it. Sure enough, the small sword on the right side of the steel plate did not rotate with the steel plate like the compass, but kept pointing to the northwest.
"Professor Ye’s evil sword should be northwest state"
"Ha ha ha ha! ! !”
"Hey hey hey! ! !”