In the fast progress, the footsteps of the Mao Qi War Patrol seem to be fettered for a while, and then the chest is broken and the displacement is more than 2.

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The 4-ton ship violently shook a warship, which was huge and unconsciously moved to one side for one or two meters. Everyone was violently shaking the hull and overturned.
"The Mao Qi has been hit!" Wang Haidi climbed up from the cold ice deck of the Commander Tower, stretched out his hand and grabbed the dizzy Major Lauren, yelling at Major Lauren, "Go and evaluate and verify the state of the warship, organize the damage and rescue!"
Major Lauren rubbed his ear hole that was going to numb, grabbed the military cap and ran towards the deck. The strong dizziness has not dissipated. Wang Haidi had to take a rest by relying on the thick armored wall of the commander tower. At this time, Captain Hiller grabbed a roll of white gauze and rushed over to be nervous.
"Commander, are you hurt …"
Hurt? Wang Haidi twisted her head to look at Shiller Wei, clutching her dull chest, but she was surprised to find a warm and moist feeling pouring out of her head. The world in her eyes was covered with blood red, and the color was extremely enchanting and bloody!
"Commander Tiger’s patrol played a semaphore and they hit the German Mao Qi patrol!" Major-General Lampard rushed into the commander’s tower and pointed to the left front side of the bow of the ship, the Tiger, and repeated the lights and excited way
The gripper high-powered telescope unconsciously slipped from its hand, and the hard commander tower steel plate stumbled and fell to the handsome and romantic. Before Lieutenant General David Betty’s boots were covered with smoke and dust, Betty turned her head and moved her lips slightly for a long time, and finally brewed into a sigh for more than ten years.
"Order the Tiger and Queen Mary to patrol the blucher Enemy, the Royal Princess to patrol the Von-de-Tann Defender Monarch, the Levator and the Raytheon to complete the steering as soon as possible …" Betty’s rapid and fluent words came to an abrupt end here, and the "Marine Cavalry" took a deep breath and said, "If the Mao Qi patrol was handed over to the Lion, it would be too extravagant to say that war is the most glorious fate of the soldiers, and the national interest is the innate duty of the military.
The loss of Mao Qi patrol was quickly counted out. The armor of the waterline at the port side of Mao Qi patrol was hit by a 3 mm heavy armor-piercing projectile from Tiger patrol. The heavy armor-piercing projectile penetrated the waterline armor, a boiler cabin and four sealed cabins. The pipe crew failed to stop the leakage. Four boilers, a coal bunker and a generator set were flooded. It is estimated that the pumping capacity of Mao Qi patrol will drop by 1/4 and the maximum speed will drop by 2 knots.
The report of the damage management personnel silenced the commander tower of the Mao Qi War Patrol. In a fierce naval battle, the rapid descent was equivalent to death in some sense. The captain of the Mao Qi, levezw, the vice captain, the nautical chief and the staff officers of the decoy fleet turned their heads to see that Wang Haidi was waiting for the supreme commander, Wang Haidi Dana, who had some cruel combat instructions.
"Gentlemen, this is the Royal Navy of the Seven Seas, and this is the David Betty I know." Just wrapped up the bandage unconsciously, the blood oozed out. Wang Haidi’s dark face dripped and flowed. The commander of the Mao Qi patrol commander tower watched with gaping eyes. Wang Haidi covered her pocket with Jia Fu’s photo clothes and laughed wildly. Wang Yang "ordered the ships to sail westward at the highest speed after 25 knots of steering, and the von de Tann was free to fire on the Mao Qi patrol … The rear team covered the fleet to shell the target.
The second gun Chapter 7 Dogel Shoal Cry (6)
Chapter VII Dogel Shoal Cry (6)
"Emperor, that’s the position of boiler room of Mao Qi …"
At 1: 03, the Von-de-Tann class patrol and the officers and men of the large armored ship blucher saw a heartbreaking scene. A 343 mm heavy armor-piercing bullet hit the flagship of the decoy fleet, Mao Qi, and dozens of tons of solid bullets easily tore open the port waterline of Mao Qi, tearing out a crack with armor and solid hull more than ten meters long. The dark and cold sea water in the North Sea surged into the high-speed progress, and the hull of the Mao Qi patrol boat quickly faltered.
Alexander edman, the captain of the blucher, turned his back and silently made a cross: "God bless Mao Qi and God bless the most outstanding strategic genius of Germany!"
Tiger and Queen Mary’s patrol guns are still fierce. In the late years, the martyr blucher stumbled, and the distance of Mao Qi’s patrol was getting closer and closer. At this time, the cylindrical main mast of Mao Qi’s patrol flashed searchlights, and edman School eagerly turned its head to see the signalman.
"blucher, Von de Tann, after turning, moved eastward into the Free Fire Mao Qi …" The stuffy German signalman Sapphire’s eyes were wet and he sobbed and translated the flagship lantern "Mao Qi boiler damage method and the fleet immediately took over the guard position to cover the retreat!"
"Principal Sillemreich was right about you!" Edman school clenched fist sink a way
Principal Ernst von Reich’s student Alexander edman and his company Franz von hippel had the honor to attend the defense of the students’ thesis of Kiel Naval Academy in 1997. The young and frivolous Wang Haidi was shocked by the concept of "asymmetric warfare". After the defense, President Lao Reich was outspoken to him in hippel. Although this young man from Kiel has one or other minor faults, his vision is broad and his sense of smell is keen. What is more commendable is that there is a passion in his heart that he has never even noticed. This force is enough for him to shoulder the mission of saving the crisis! The rise of the German Navy, TuHeidi Selim, is far more important than his equally famous genius Wolfgang Wei Gena, the three musketeers of Kiel Sea School, bernhard von Auden erich Lei Deer.
In 1997, the thesis defense meeting was amazing. In 1912, the German East Africa was at the end of the road. In 1914, the turbulent clouds made people speak lightly. edman School witnessed that Wang Haidi gave up from the beginning and gave up lightly. After returning to the soil in 1914, he was thoroughly remoulded and washed away, and then the naval battle in Golan Bay, Ziher, was hearty on March 23.
"The signalman said to the flagship lantern, Long live the Mao Qi!" The shelling outside the commander’s tower collapsed the situation, and edman did not hesitate to be melodramatic. He turned to the Mao Qi, which was gradually falling behind, and raised his heels and gave a solemn military salute with dusty white gloves.
The wounded Mao Qi war patrol is obviously a soft persimmon shell, and more and more Gu Mao Qi mercilessly beat it full of holes.
"Deputy Commander, you can choose blucher’s new flagship, Mao Qi, and you will never be regarded as deserter …" The bloody young man in front of the Mao Qi captain Magnus-von Lewentzow had worked together for half a year, and he couldn’t bear to let this talented naval general break the Dogel Shoal and try to persuade Wang Haidi to leave the ship.
"Did the school see that flag?" Like ink, the North Atlantic night is full of choking smell of gunpowder and pungent smell of blood, and the moonlight is cool. The British blucher shuttles and stumbles in the artillery fire, and the Mao Qi patrol passes by. Haidi points to the main mast of the blucher patrol, which is printed with the German Iron Cross Black Hawk navy flag. Looking up at this war-torn night, it seems that he wants to see through this hundred years. "A long time ago, the empire unified, the song and dance, the materialistic cross, and the peaceful age. I don’t know what war is, what is responsibility, what is bloodiness and persistence. For the first time After finishing the course of naval history in Kiel Naval Academy, it is not heavy, and it is becoming increasingly frozen and numb, and my heart is trembling because of my understanding of my parents. In 1994, Sherman’s death and Auden’s pride in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa, somewhat messed up the strings in my heart; In 1914, Turkey was ordered to return to the soil. I went to the Cedritz to report the true flag of the Navy and listen to the deep horn of the ocean fleet. This was a rude awakening. In 1914, the war was countless, military victories and subsequent political shackles made me wander at the crossroads of my life. I chose to fight hard. Since I have figured out what I was not white before, or what I was dusty because of false political conditions, I can retreat! "
A 343 mm armor-piercing blasting bomb from Queen Mary hit the patrol midsection of Mao Qi, and the impact force caused by the explosion completely destroyed the midsection of a 35 mm main gun and two 15 mm auxiliary guns. After the forecastle, most of the No.1 chimney was cut off, and the cylindrical main mast with watchtower and signal searchlight collapsed. The fire and rolling black smoke rose from the midsection of the hull and spread to the depths of the hull along the communication pipeline.
"All the damaged crew members fill the K turret ammunition depot with water from the pump in the midship of the hull!" In the face of Huang Zhang’s assistant staff officer and damage control captain, Mr. Lewentzo looked indifferent and continued, "Commander, what have you lost?"
"A land national sea soul, a sea soul that dares to explore the ocean power!" Dressed in bandages, Heidi Wang took her time.
Principal Lewentzo’s beard and face trembled slightly and sighed heavily. Finally, he gave up the false persuasion. Wang Haidi’s pale face hung a little evil smile and his heart silently added
"Thanks to this crossing, I can follow this forward ocean fleet, follow this mainland nation, but have the courage to explore the ocean country, and follow this group of indomitable warriors to seek the sea soul of a big country!"
At 1: 49, the naval battle continued. The Lion, the Royal Princess and the Enemy joined the battle group. David Betty’s flagship Lion patrol fell behind. The Mao Qi patrol, the Royal Princess, the enemy, the Queen Mary and the Tiger patrol chose their opponents to catch and fight according to Betty’s instructions.
At this time, Von de Tann’s patrol blucher’s large armored ship finally turned, and the four patrol ships of the oncoming first battle patrol fleet formed a 45-degree angle, which also meant that Von de Tann and blucher could exert their side fire, and 16 main guns (the A turret of Von de Tann was damaged) could make the first battle patrol fleet (the bow turret and the A turret of the enemy ship)
At 1: 05, the buzzer of the Von de Tanne war patrol sounded a heartbreaking alarm. The officers and men of the ship opened their mouths or covered their ears, and a pair of eyes with revenge and anger stared at the direction of the British fleet, waiting for the Von de Tanne to catch fire!
At 1: 51, the German fleet was silent for more than half an hour and finally launched a fierce counterattack. In the first round of shelling, it hit the British enemy patrol. The 35 mm heavy armor-piercing projectile easily tore open the enemy patrol, which was comparable to the armored cruiser’s waterline with armor and less than 4 inches watertight bulkhead and plunged into the midship of the enemy patrol.
The Enemy is Britain, which is the world’s first battle cruiser battleship. The speed of the main gun and cruiser has attracted the world’s attention since it was started in April 1996. However, the good times did not last long. A week after the start of the Enemy, the old enemy German quickly launched a cottage-type patrol-the von de Tann.
For battle cruiser and Germany, the design concepts of the naval design departments of the two countries are completely opposite. The caliber of the main gun and the full displacement are similar. Before the British chose the speed of 26 knots, the highest speed was enough to make the protective cruisers in the colonial service of the British Empire look attractive, while the Germans put their energy into the protective waterline with armor, control tower and turret armor thickness, so did the British battleship dread.
Since the patrol of the Von-de-Tanne started, German and British newspapers have been engaged in a war of words, accusing each other of being made in a cottage and our own being the first world war. After all the abuse, the patrol of the enemy Von-de-Tanne ended a long-term hatred. At 19: 21 on November 14, 1914, the rough patrol of the Von-de-Tanne in the hinterland of Dogel Shoal in the North Sea ended this feud.
The solid bomb smashed a big hole in the port side of the enemy ship. The North Atlantic sea water surged into the hull and swallowed everything along the pipeline door. It can’t be said that the Royal Navy damaged the pipe. The sailors didn’t work hard. The Royal Navy shouted "God save the king" and jumped into the cold water and the terrible whirlpool to try to stuff the plugging plug, waterproof canvas and rigging into the hole. But the enemy ship’s patrol, Jerry-built armor and poor damaged pipe design made the situation irreversible.
At 19: 01, the British failed to stop the leak, and the sea water overflowed the second deck of the enemy.
At 19: 12, the captain of the enemy ordered to abandon the ship.
At 19: 21, the captain confirmed that the last crew member stubbornly locked himself in the captain’s room after the evacuation. The sailors of the British Nottingham sang the tragic and desolate melody of "English Song" and fired two torpedoes at the enemy ship.
At 19: 25, the enemy ship patrolled the tragic Dogel Shoal naval battle. The first sunken capital ship and its captain were buried together in the muddy water tens of meters deep in the Dogel Shoal of the icy North Sea.
The second gun Chapter 7 Dogel Shoal Cry (7)
Chapter VII Dogel Shoal Cry (7)
"Commander Queen Mary hit the Mao Qi patrol!"
The flame of the Mao Qi War Patrol Department ignited the enthusiasm of all the officers and men of the Lion War Patrol. You should know that the most outstanding commander of the younger generation of Germany, the German navy strategy Shuang Jie, and the three musketeers of Kiel Sea School, Major General Heidi Selim, need to know about the Mao Qi, so that the Royal Navy’s overseas fleet can be overwhelmed and the big fleet can shell the British port and land on the soil. The culprit is the Mao Qi!
On April 4th, after Germany and Britain declared war on each other, famous officials and officials retired in succession, and the vast North Atlantic became a young people’s game and a romantic stage. Europeans regarded David Betty and Wang Haidi, their personal friends and enemies in the national war, as medieval kings and knights. On November 14th, the Battle of Shazhou in Dogel was the first confrontation between the knights of the big fleet round table and the Teutonic knights of the ocean fleet.
As a result, it goes without saying that the big fleet is in full swing, and the Germans are fleeing in panic. Heidi Selim’s flagship is tottering, and the young Royal Navy sailors turn their heads and look at David Betty, commander of the Furui Bubo Fleet, adding a little bit of admiration to their hearts.
"Three cruises held me back, and the Jedi of the Ocean Fleet fought back …" Betty hung her arms around her chest with mixed feelings. "It’s a pity that my old friend and I have three dreaded ships and intelligence advantages, and you and your Mao Qi can’t last four hours!"
The seawater overflowing from the ammunition room of K turret was quickly controlled. At this time, the Mao Qi’s hull was flooded with more than 1,500 tons of heavy burdens, which made the German war cruise down at a rapid speed. The distance of the Lion’s war patrol was pulled closer, and the impatient British auxiliary gunner was very anxious to hold a 4-inch rapid-fire gun to sweep the Mao Qi.
At 19: 01, Wang Haidi walked out of the armored protection command tower with the command tower and came to the starboard side of the patrol department of the Mao Qi.
After pouring a lot of water into the K turret, the fire spread gradually under control, and the damaged crew members were effective in strangling and extinguishing. The Mao Qi patrol suddenly disappeared into the moon. When Wang Haidi came to the patrol department of the Mao Qi, he saw that the back of the forecastle, the crumbling chimney and the remaining half cylinder mast were covered with knife gouges and scars, and there were traces of fire and smoke. The last lifeboat of Mao Qi near the starboard side of the forecastle was hoisted together with oil drums filled with fuel and coking coal barrels.
"The deputy commander’s boat is ready!" The British rapid-fire artillery shrapnel Mao Qi cruised to the port side, and the noisy shrapnel scraped across the armor and sent out a piercing heart-rending. The captain of the Mao Qi Magnus-von Lewentzo greeted him, pointing to those faces full of young and tender Germans, and said, "Herman Glenn Schleswig; Henkel-Donas Max augsburg; Private teodor-Molinari Bavarian … "
They are all a group of 10-year-old young men in their prime, only 36 years old. Wang Haidi suddenly developed an old man’s mentality, blushed, hesitated for a long time, and still couldn’t find the words that could inspire young people’s lives. After raising his arm and hesitating for a long time, Wang Haidi finally gave up the politician’s rhetoric and gave a simple and heavy military salute to the young people who had little status but never lacked lofty status.
Three sailors jumped into the cold and dark North Sea, climbed into lifeboats, picked up wood pulp, and strove for the silent and narrow escape deep in the sea on the right side of the Mao Qi.
"We sang and drank the cold wine today.
My horse is about to leave, so let the glass touch lightly.
Let me hold your hand again, your white hand.
Farewell to my heart.
Farewell to my heart.
Goodbye, take care.
We’re going out
We’re going out
We’re going to England!
England! "
The warrior figure gradually faded away. Suddenly, a German sailor sang "We are going to England" by Herman Renschen, who loved Germany. The sailor’s deep voice was faint and quickly stung his Adam’s apple because he was about to die.
Hundreds of years of pirates were born in the royal navy. In the song "rule-briannia", they ran to the desolate sea and defeated the Spanish enemy fleet. The war won the glory of Cape Trafalgar. On November 14, 1914, the sailors who patrolled the damaged ship still sang the royal navy’s military song and jumped into the cold North Sea with the plugging plug, while the military song belonging to the German nation on the other side was also loud.
The sailors choked up, but soon more sailors joined in, and finally turned into a ship in armor and a knight’s sword. The most powerful roar evolved into a powerful challenge to the ocean by Germany, a continental nation, and sublimated into the strongest voice in the era of big ships and giant guns!
At 19: 33, Herman-Glenshiyi turned around and lit the boat’s fire and smoke column, and the North Sea was swaying like the German nation was gradually touching the sea soul of a big country!
At 1: 51, the first round of shelling of the Von-de-Tann patrol hit the old enemy, forcing the enemy to play the signal "Our ship is damaged and quits the battle" and take the lead in quitting the battlefield.